你好。我JoshuaJSlone,编辑主要在英文维基。在那里我坐起来一个机器人帐号,机器人吻,帮,带的质量变化和维护。你可能已经看到从机器人亲吻的变化在这个wiki - 因为它没有标记为这里的机器人,它的变化显示在最近编辑活动部分。我想使机器人亲吻一个标记,机器人对面轰!P维基的所有各种语言,因此可以少冒失被用于诸如维护中介环节。让一个机器人标记的过程中的一部分是与维基社区讨论它,这就是我在做什么了。有没有人有任何异议吗?

English original:

Hello. I'm JoshuaJSlone, an editor primarily at the English wiki. Over there I sat up a bot account, Robo Kiss, to help with mass changes and maintenance. You may have seen changes from Robo Kiss at this wiki--since it is not flagged as a bot here, its changes are shown in the Recent Wiki Activity section. I'd like to make Robo Kiss a flagged bot across all the various languages of H!P wiki so it can less obtrusively be used for things like maintaining interlanguage links. Part of the process of getting a bot flagged is discussing it with the wiki community, which is what I'm doing now. Does anyone have any objections to this?