Yuuki Super Ball!
Regular Edition
Single by THE Possible
from the album 1116
Native title 勇気スーパーボール!
Released March 26, 2014
Genre J-Pop
Format CD single, digital download
THE Possible Singles Chronology
Previous Otome! Be Ambitious! 8th major single (2013)
Next Never Never Give Up / Omotesandou / Futakotamagawa 10th major single (2015)
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Yuuki Super Ball! (勇気スーパーボール!) is THE Possible's 9th major single. It was released on March 26, 2014 in multiple editions.[1] The songs included were chosen by fan's votes, with the song with the most votes being the A-side, and the runners-up being the B-sides of each edition respectively in order of descending number of votes.[2] This is the group's final single under Victor Entertainment's VERSIONMUSIC label, before they transferred to the PICCOLO TOWN label. It it also their final single under the name THE Possible.


THE ポッシボー - 勇気スーパーボール!

THE ポッシボー - 勇気スーパーボール!

Yuuki Super Ball! (MV; short version)

Note: the digital versions do not include the instrumentals.

Regular EditionEdit

  1. Yuuki Super Ball!
  2. Do Me! Do!
  3. Yuuki Super Ball! (Instrumental)
  4. Do Me! Do! (Instrumental)

Type AEdit

  1. Yuuki Super Ball!
  2. Jinsei a Parley! Da! (人生はパーリィー!だぁー!)
  3. Yuuki Super Ball! (Instrumental)
  4. Jinsei wa Parley! Da! (Instrumental)
  5. Jinsei wa Parley! Da! (Live)

Type BEdit

  1. Yuuki Super Ball!
  2. Shiawase no Tenbin (幸せの天秤)
  3. Yuuki Super Ball! (Instrumental)
  4. Shiawase no Tenbin (Instrumental)
  5. Shiawase no Tenbin (Live)

Type CEdit

  1. Yuuki Super Ball!
  2. Nasty!
  3. Yuuki Super Ball! (Instrumental)
  4. Nasty! (Instrumental)
  5. Nasty! (Live)

Type DEdit

  1. Yuuki Super Ball!
  2. Zenryoku de Aishite ne...! (全力で愛してねッ…!)
  3. Yuuki Super Ball! (Instrumental)
  4. Zenryoku de Aishite ne...! (Instrumental)
  5. Zenryoku de Aishite ne...! (Live)

Type EEdit

  1. Yuuki Super Ball!
  2. Yuuki Super Ball! (Live)
  3. Do Me! Do! (Live)

Featured MembersEdit


THE Possible promoting the single

Single InformationEdit

  • All Lyrics and Composition: Honjo Ryo
  • All Arrangement: Honjo Ryo, Harada Katsumichi

TV PerformancesEdit

  • [2014.04.03] The Girls Live (Shiawase no Tenbin)
  • [2014.05.29] The Girls Live (Yuuki Super Ball!)
  • [2014.07.10] The Girls Live (Do Me! Do!)
  • [2014.09.11] The Girls Live (Yuuki Super Ball!)
  • [2015.01.22] The Girls Live (Nasty!)
  • [2015.02.12] The Girls Live (Zenryoku de Aishite ne...!)

Oricon Chart PositionsEdit

Daily & Weekly Ranking
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- 4 31 8 14 10 2
5 25,790
Monthly Ranking
Year Month Month Rank Sales
2014 April 21[3] 25,790
Yearly Rankings
Year Year Rank Sales
2014 271 25,790

Total Reported Sales: 25,790


  2. "The Possible – Yuuki Super Ball", J-Pop Idols, 2014.02.16

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