Yumemiru Chikara
Single by Peachy
Native title ユメミル チカラ
Released April 18, 2001
Genre J-pop
Format CD single
Length 17:38
Label Fun House
Producer Okui Kaori
Ishii Rika Singles Chronology
Previous Snow Paradise 2nd single (2000)
Next Morning Musume Single Medley ~Hawaiian~ (2002)

Yumemiru Chikara (ユメミル チカラ; The Power To Dream) is the third single by Peachy and her last single under that stage name, as she later joined Hello! Project and went by the stage name 石井リカ (Ishii Rika; different reading). The single was released on April 18, 2001.


  1. Yumemiru Chikara
  2. Sweet Sweet Home
  3. Yumemiru Chikara (Karaoke)
  4. Sweet Sweet Home (Karaoke)

Single Information

Yumemiru Chikara
  • Lyrics: Suzuki Syoko
  • Composition: Kamata Masato
Sweet Sweet Home
  • Lyrics, composition, arrangement: Okui Kaori

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