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Young DAYS!! (ヤング DAYS!!) is the first indies single released by THE Possible. It was released on November 19, 2006. The title track was used as an opening theme song for Shin Aiai Music Carnival.

Prior to the official release of the single, two initial editions of the single were released on October 22, 2006 using a postcard as the "cover". It featured only the four eldest members.



THE ポッシボー『ヤングDAYS!!』

Young DAYS!! (MV)

  1. Young DAYS!!

Single V[]

  1. Young DAYS!!
  2. Koisuru Niwatori (photo library) (恋するニワトリ; The Chicken I Love) - Taniyama Hiroko cover
  3. Young DAYS!! (Bonus Footage) (特典映像)

Featured Members[]

THE Possible promoting the single

Single Information[]

Young DAYS!!


TV Performances[]

Concert Performances[]


  • Originally, this song was planned to be sung by Morning Musume. However, because another song was suddenly decided as a tie-up (probably THE Manpower!!!) it was given to THE Possible.

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