Yokoyama Reina (横山玲奈) is a Japanese pop singer under Hello! Project as a 13th generation member of Morning Musume. She first joined Hello! Project as a member of Hello Pro Kenshuusei on August 17, 2016,[2] and was formally introduced at the Kenshuusei recital on September 4, 2016.



Yokoyama Reina, June 2019


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Early LifeEdit

Yokoyama Reina was born February 22, 2001 in Saitama, Japan (22:16).


Yokoyama participated in the first Morning Musume '16 Shinseiki Audition, but failed in the third round.[3][4]

On August 17, it was announced on the Hello! Project website that Yokoyama had joined Hello Pro Kenshuusei, alongside Kawamura Ayano, Yoshida Marie, Nishida Shiori, Yamazaki Yuhane, Hashisako Rin.[2] She was introduced at Hello! Project Kenshuusei Happyoukai 2016 9gatsu ~SINGING!~ on September 4.

From November 3 to November 30, Yokoyama participated in the Engeki Joshibu musical Nega Poji Poji.

On December 12, during the finale of Morning Musume '16's fall tour, she was announced as a member of the 13th generation alongside Kaga Kaede.[5][6][7] She and Kaga had their last performance as Hello Pro Kenshuusei members at the Hello! Project Kenshuusei Happyoukai 2016 12gatsu ~EXCITING!~ on December 23.


On February 18, Yokoyama realesed a DVD titled Morning Musume '17 Yokoyama Reina Birthday DVD 2017 to celebrate her 16th birthday.

On February 21, Yokoyama and Kaga Kaede held their debut fanclub event with her mentor Kudo Haruka, Morning Musume '17 13ki Member FC Event, at Differ Ariake.

On March 2, Kaga and Yokoyama began a web talk show exclusive to fanclub members, titled Reversible Radio.[8] They also began a radio show with the 12th generation members on April 6, titled Morning Musume '17 no Morning Diary.[9]

On July 28, Yokoyama released a digital song with Funaki Musubu titled "Minmin Rock 'n' Roll!".

On December 9, she was announced as the new regular on the radio show Young Town Doyoubi, taking over Kudo Haruka's position after she graduated.[10]


On February 22, Yokoyama celebrated her 17th birthday at a fanclub event titled Morning Musume '18 Yokoyama Reina Birthday Event, which featured two shows at Shinjuku ReNY.

On April 21, she announced that she would release her first solo photobook on June 27, titled THIS IS REINA.[11][12] Then on July 4, she released her first solo image Blu-ray First REINA YOKOYAMA.[13]

On July 27, Yokoyama joined the UP-FRONT esports club.[14]

On September 23, Yokoyama was appointed with eight other OG and active Hello! Project members from Saitama Prefecture as Host City Special Supporters for Kumagaya during the Rugby World Cup 2019 hosted by Japan.[15][16]

On October 15, former Berryz Koubou member Kumai Yurina released Complex ni Sayounara!, a joint book with four of the shortest current members in Hello! Project: Yokoyama, Morito Chisaki, Kamikokuryo Moe, and Funaki Musubu who have been named Minis?.[17]


On February 22, Yokoyama celebrated her 18th birthday at a fanclub event titled Morning Musume '19 Yokoyama Reina Birthday Event at Mynavi BLITZ Akasaka.

On April 27, the Fami Hello! PHOTOBOOK② was released, which includes Yokoyama's gravure that was originally published in a May 2018 issue of Weekly Famitsu.[18]

On August 22, Yokoyama and Kaga Kaede's fanclub-exclusive web talk show Reversible Radio ended with a total of 122 episodes.[19]

On August 27, Yokoyama released her second solo photobook, titled REINA is eighteen ~N to S~.[20]

On November 21, Yokoyama held a solo talk event Senya Ichiya The 66th Night ~Morning Musume.'19 Yokoyama Reina~ Talk Event at Hello Shop Akihabara.

On December, Yokoyama presented the Hello! Project Digital Books vol.186 in which some offshot from her first photobook were revealed.


On January, Yokoyama presented the Hello! Project Digital Books vol.187 in which some offshot from her first photobook were revealed.

On February 25, Yokoyama celebrated her 19th birthday at a fanclub event titled Morning Musume '20 Yokoyama Reina Birthday Event at Yamano Hall.

On July 12, she opened up an official Instagram account.

Personal LifeEdit

Yokoyama has a younger brother.[21]

On June 20, 2018, after the conclusion of Ogata Haruna's graduation concert, it was announced on the official Hello! Project site that a funeral was held earlier that day for Yokoyama's father who had passed away on June 17.[22] He was 55 years old.[23] Yokoyama learned of his passing after the last performance of the Pharaoh no Haka ~Hebi Ou Sneferu~ musical in Osaka.[24] She was excused from the "Are you Happy? / A gonna" release event in Hyogo right after the musical (at the time, "poor health" was reported as the reason for her absence)[25] and another release event on June 24.[22]

When she joined Morning Musume in December 2016, she was a first year high school student.[26] She graduated in March 2019.[27]

The following list are notable friendships Yokoyama Reina has acquired:

Yokoyama's given name, Reina, is said to be taken from the phrase "kirei na houseki" (きれいな宝石; beautiful jewel).[29]

Here is a list of nicknames that are used to refer to Yokoyama Reina:



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Solo Blu-raysEdit


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Solo PhotobooksEdit




TV ProgramsEdit



  • [2017–2019] Reversible Radio (リバーシブルラジオ) (fanclub exclusive)
  • [2017–] Morning Musume '19 no Morning Diary (モーニング娘。'19のモーニングダイアリー)
  • [2017–] Young Town Doyoubi (ヤングタウン土曜日)
  • [2018-] Morning Musume '19 no Morning Jogakuin ~Houkago Meeting~ (モーニング娘。'19のモーニング女学院〜放課後ミーティング〜)


  • In middle school she wanted to form a band and tried inviting her friends to join. However, nobody was interested and after her guitar broke she lost interest in forming one.
  • She participated in brass instruments clubs in both elementary and middle school, in which she played percussion and sax respectively.
  • She learned to play piano at home.
  • Her future goal is to become a cool idol like her seniors.
  • She is the first of her Hello Pro Kenshuusei generation to debut.
  • She shares the pronunciation of her birth name with former 6th generation Morning Musume member Tanaka Reina and Hello Pro Kenshuusei member Ichioka Reina.
  • Oda Sakura took Yokoyama with her to eat New Years soba and learned about her hobbies.
  • Yokoyama answered what she likes about each Morning Musume '17 member on her blog:[36]
  • Kamen Rider was her favorite TV series while growing up. Her recent favorite character is Kamen Rider Fourze and she is good at imitating Kamen Rider Meteor.[36]
  • She said her favorite music video is "Egao no Kimi wa Taiyou sa", she watched it on repeat because Sayashi Riho's wink is really cute.
  • If she could be reborn as someone else, she would be Tanaka Reina because her name would be the same and Tanaka is a strong singer.[29]
  • She believes she is the Hello! Project member with the most knowledge and experience with various musical instruments such as the guitar, saxophone, and piano.[29]
  • If she did not become an idol, she would want to become a school teacher, specifically a history teacher because she loves history and wants to share with students how interesting it is.[29]

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