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Yajima Maimi (矢島舞美) is a Japanese singer and actress. She is a former idol under Hello! Project as the leader of ℃-ute and leader of Hello! Project.[1] She was also a member of the SATOYAMA movement unit DIY♡ and the SATOUMI movement unit Mellowquad.


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Early Life[]

Yajima Maimi was born on February 7, 1992 in Saitama, Japan.


Yajima Maimi first joined Hello! Project on June 30 as one of the fifteen children chosen from the Hello! Project Kids auditions after performing "♡Momoiro Kataomoi♡" by Matsuura Aya.[2] She made her debut the same year in the movie Koinu Dan no Monogatari, taking on one of the main roles as an antagonist.


In 2003, Yajima became a member of the unit ZYX, which released two singles before it became inactive.


In 2004, Berryz Koubou was formed, with the intention of rotating the kids throughout the unit. Yajima didn't make the original pick, and the idea was eventually dropped.


In 2005, the remaining seven in Hello! Project Kids formed ℃-ute.[3] Although it was Umeda Erika, being the oldest, who was originally chosen to be the group's leader, she did not believe herself responsible for the task, and so the position was passed down to the second oldest, Yajima Maimi.


℃-ute did not make their official debut until late in 2006, with their first official single released in February of 2007.

Aside from leading ℃-ute, Yajima also became the sub-captain of Little Gatas, the Hello! Project Kids futsal team.


Yajima co-hosted ℃-ute's weekly radio program, Cutie Party. She took over the role when Murakami Megumi left the group. Yajima also collaborated with Abe Natsumi to release the single 16sai no Koi Nante on January 16.

Yajima was selected to be a member of Hello! Project's new unit, High-King.


On March 11, Kojina (President of Mirai CO) revealed in his blog that Yajima and Fukuda Kanon would be participating in the movie Fuyu no Kaidan. The film hit theaters on May 23. Yajima was the movie's protagonist, and had the role of "exterminating evil spirits/ghosts." She also starred in a play called Shin Gumi 10nen 7gatsu Kouen Ran.


From October 13 to 22, Yajima starred in Akuma no Tsubuyaki with the other members of ℃-ute


In January, it was announced that Yajima would be in a movie titled Black Angels.

On August 7th, it was announced that Yajima would be in a movie titled Zomvideo. The movie was released in 2012.


From May 15 to May 17, Yajima starred in a new stage play titled Theatre in the Round.

On July 20, it was announced that Yajima was one of the chosen members to form the SATOYAMA movement unit DIY♡.[4] The unit released an indies single, titled "Forefore ~Forest For Rest~ / Boys be ambitious!" (with GREEN FIELDS), on November 7.

On July 25, it was announced that Yajima would be performing in an stage play titled CAT'S♥EYE, based on a manga. She also became a member of the group Cat's♥Eye 7 to promote the musical. The stage play ran from September 22 to September 30.

From November 21 to December 2, Yajima and Tokunaga Chinami performed in an stage play titled Sugar Spot.


On February 23, Yajima and Tsugunaga Momoko attended Mano Erina's graduation ceremony.

On March 2, at Forest For Rest ~SATOYAMA e Ikou~ SATOYAMA movement in YOKOHAMA, Yajima was announced as a member of the new SATOUMI movement unit, Mellowquad.


On February 5~7, Yajima, Nakajima Saki, and Hagiwara Mai celebrated their birthday. The special event was called Yajima Maimi, Nakajima Saki, & Hagiwara Mai 2014 Birthday Event, the event featured six performances in Saitama, Osaka, and Tokyo.

On February 12, it was announced Yajima would be appearing on the TV Tokyo drama "Urero mi Taiken Shoujo" Season 3, starring Hayami Akari, on February 21.

On October 8, it was confirmed in an interview with Michishige Sayumi that Yajima would be the next Hello! Project leader once Michishige graduated on November 26.[1][5] This made Yajima the first Hello! Project leader not from Morning Musume.


On January 1, it was announced Yajima was chosen as the plus model for H!P Digital Books.[6]

On February 5, 6, and 8, Yajima, Nakajima Saki, and Hagiwara Mai celebrated their birthdays in a special event called ℃-ute Yajima Maimi・Nakajima Saki・Hagiwara Mai Birthday Event 2015. The event featured four performances in Tokyo.

On November 12, it was announced that Yajima would be starring in the MV for "I Still Love You (Japanese Ver.)" by MAGIC POWER, a Taiwanese band.[7]


On January 6, Yajima replaced Sayashi Riho as the host of the Hello! Project Mobile radio show Sayashi no Heya, which was then retitled Yajima no Heya.[8]

On February 7, Yajima and Hagiwara Mai celebrated their birthdays at a special event called ℃-ute Yajima Maimi & Hagiwara Mai Birthday Event 2016. The event featured three performances in Tokyo.

On August 20, it was announced that ℃-ute will disband next June at Saitama Super Arena.[9][10] Yajima afterwards plans on becoming an actress.[11]

On December 31 at the Hello! Project COUNTDOWN PARTY 2016 ~GOOD BYE & HELLO!~, Yajima announced that Wada Ayaka would succeed her as the 6th leader of Hello! Project with Fukumura Mizuki as the sub-leader from 2017.[12][13][14]


On January 20, it was announced that Yajima and Nakajima Saki would be the regular hosts of a new TBS show titled Furusato no Yume.[15] The first episode was broadcast on January 22.

On February 7, Yajima and Hagiwara Mai celebrated their birthdays at a joint event called ℃-ute Yajima Maimi & Hagiwara Mai Birthday Event 2017, featuring two performances in Tokyo.

On May 27, Yajima announced that after ℃-ute disbanded in June she would join M-line club and try out various activities including acting.[16] She joined M-line club on July 10.[17]

On June 1, her Hello! Project Mobile radio show Yajima no Heya ended.[18] She then started another radio show on the service, titled Tonari no Yajima Ka, on July 18.[19]

On October 19, ISEKI released a music video for his original song "Machi", which features Yajima as the backing vocalist and also his lover in the music video.[20][21] The song was released in ISEKI's third mini album AOR FLAVA -silky red- on October 25.

On October 23, Yajima performed two new solo songs titled "Ashita, Shiranai Kaze ni Fukarete" and "Kore Kara Tobinotteku Mirai" for her Hello! Project 20 Shuunen Kinen Zen'yasai ~One by One~ solo live.[22] Both songs were digitally released on November 17.[23]

On November 10, Yajima's profile was added to J.P ROOM. On the same day, Yajima was announced as a cast member in the special drama Oedo Robocon.[24][25] It was a collaboration between R no Housoku, a variety TV show on the NHK Education channel, and Kosen Robocon, a high school robotics contest that is celebrating its 30th anniversary. The special aired on November 27.

From November 27 to December 3, Yajima starred as the lead actress in the Engeki Joshibu musical Ichimai no Ticket ~Beatles ga Yattekuru!~.

On December 22, Yajima released a book titled Nonbiri, Sarigenaku, Funwari to..


Yajima appeared as a guest at Japan Expo Thailand 2018, where she performed and held a meet and greet on January 27.[26]

From February 22 to March 3, Yajima starred as the lead actress in the musical Nettai Danshi,[27] which was a revival of the 2013 Gekipro production originally starring Okamoto Asuza.[28]

On March 10, Yajima held the Yajima Maimi Fanclub Event Maimi's Squall, which featured two shows at Yamano Hall.

On June 18, Yajima starred opposite of Toshiyuki Someya in the second of TV Tokyo Plus's three-part web short series Living Room Nite, which focuses on conversations between three different couples set in a living room.[29]

On August 21, she announced that she would star as the character Ichinoyama Yuko in the NTV drama Pretty ga Oosugiru which will begin airing on October 18.[30]

From September 14 to September 24, she starred as the lead in the stage play LADY OUT LAW!.[31]

On September 23, Yajima was appointed with eight other OG and active Hello! Project members from Saitama Prefecture as Host City Special Supporters for Kumagaya during the Rugby World Cup 2019 hosted by Japan.[32][33]

From October 6 to October 14, she held the Yajima Maimi Solo LIVE 2018 ~Yajimans Dai Shuugou!~.

From November 2 to November 4, she held the Yajima Maimi Fanclub Tour Maimi's Travel Yajimans Aki no Dai Undoukai in Fukushima.

On November 20, Yajima released her 12th solo photobook, titled Matataki.[34][35]

On November 21, she digitally released the songs "Ai wo Misete Kuremasen ka" and "Nakitaku nai no ni".[36]


On February 7, Yajima celebrated her 27th birthday at a fanclub event titled Yajima Maimi Birthday Event Maimi's Squall vol.2, which had two shows at Yamano Hall.

On March 30, Yajima along with Nakajima Saki, Juice=Juice's Takagi Sayuki, LoVendoЯ's Okada Marina, and Tsubaki Factory's Kishimoto Yumeno released the digital song "Koisuru! Sakana Hen" which was performed for the first time (however, without Takagi and Kishimoto) in the "Fishing Club" Special Stage event at Asobu. Kurasu. Sodateru. SATOYAMA & SATOUMI e Ikou 2019 on the same day.[37]

Yajima starred in six web commercials advertising Asahi's Wilkinson Tansan Lemon drink which were uploaded onto YouTube on April 16.[38][39]

From April 24 to May 9, she starred as the lead in the stage production of Tsuka Kohei's 1994 novel Ginmaku no Hate ni for the Haru no Tsuka Kohei Fukkatsusai VOL.2.[40]

On May 16, it was announced that Yajima would appear in the 2020 yakuza film Hatsukoi directed by Miike Takashi.[41][42]

On June 1, Yajima performed alongside Kubota Yuki and Seki Tomokazu in Shounen Shachuu's reading theater production of Dark Alice.[43]

From November 23 to November 25, she held the Yajima Maimi Fanclub Tour Yaji Bus Tour Yajimans Aki no Jonnobi Ryokou in Niigata.


On February 7, she celebrated her 28th birthday at a fanclub event titled Yajima Maimi Birthday Event 2020 Maimi's Squall vol.3, featuring two shows at Yamano Hall.

From May 3 to 9, Yajima was set to hold a solo concert titled, "Yajima Maimi Solo Concert Tour 2020 Time Travel". The entire live was later cancelled due to the government's declaration of emergency following the spread of COVID-19 getting worse.[44]

On October 29, it was announced that she would appear in the 2020 drama series "Lupin no Musume".[45]


On February 11, she celebrated her 30th birthday at a fanclub event titled Yajima Maimi Birthday Event 2022 Maimi's Squall vol.6 ~30sai ni Narimashita!~, featuring two shows at Hitotsubashi Hall.

On March 22, her Hello! Project Mobile radio show Tonari no Yajima Ka ended.[46] It will be replaced by a new Hello! Project Mobile radio show hosted by Hirai Miyo.[47]

Personal Life[]

Yajima has two older brothers. She is also first cousins with ANGERME's Takeuchi Akari.[48] She has four pet dogs named Rookie, Cologne, Aroma, and Toilette.

When Yajima joined Hello! Project Kids, she was a fifth year elementary school student.[2] She graduated from high school in March 2010.

Yajima most notably gets along with the other ℃-ute members.

On December 11, 2021, the magazine Shuukan Bunshun reported that Yajima was in a serious relationship with actor Mikata Ryosuke. A day after, on December 12, Yajima confirmed the reports and apologized for any inconvenience caused by the article.[49][50]

Yajima was given the name Maimi because she was born with the feeling she had "beautifully (美; mi) flown (舞; mai) down".[51]

  • Maimiii (まいみぃ~): Official nickname, given her since joining ℃-ute. Used by members and fans.
  • Yaji (やじ): Second official nickname, given her since joining ℃-ute. Used by members and fans.


  • Strong Point: Steadily putting in effort
  • Weak Point: Being shy
  • Habit: Saving food I love the most till the last moment.
  • Special Skill: Horizontal bar, hula hoop, unicycle.
  • Hobbies: Making bee mascots, writing letters to friends
  • Favorite Color: White, green, yellow, pink, light blue, yellow-green
  • Favorite Flower: Hibiscus, cosmos, lily of the valley
  • Disliked Thing/Thing to do: Getting shots and anything else that hurts
  • Scared of: Snakes, bugs, monsters.
  • Favorite Subject: Physical Education
  • Favorite Movie: Home Alone (all three)
  • Favorite Book: Fuuchan no Harmonica
  • Favorite Word: "Zenryoku toukyuu!!" (Go all out)
  • Favorite Season: Spring
  • Favorite Food: Quail eggs, umeboshi, fruits, cherries, meat
  • Least Favorite Food: Fish, Liver, ginger, wasabi, sea urchin
  • Favorite Animal: Dogs (they're too cute)
  • Favorite Hello! Project Song: I WISH
  • Favorite Song in the Past: "Dango 3 Kyoudai" by Hayami Kentarou and Shigemori Ayumi (with Hidamari Kids and Dango Chorus),
  • Charm Point: Silky hair

  • Discography[]

    Main article: Yajima Maimi/Discography


    Collaboration Singles


    Digital Songs
    Solo Songs

    DVDs & Blu-rays[]

    Solo Image DVDs/Blu-rays

    Solo Fanclub DVDs[]


    Main article: Yajima Maimi/Publications

    Solo Photobooks[]

    1. [2007.04.27] Maimi
    2. [2008.01.27] Sou Sola
    3. [2009.04.24] 17
    4. [2010.06.05] Yajima Maimi Shashinkan 2008-2010 (compilation photobook)
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    10. [2015.08.21] Nobody knows23
    11. [2016.08.27] Hitori no Kisetsu
    12. [2018.11.20] Matataki

    Solo Books[]

    Solo Calendars[]

    • [2019.11.02] Yajima Maimi 2020nen Calendar (矢島舞美 2020年 カレンダー)
    • [2020.11.07] Yajima Maimi 2021nen Calendar (矢島舞美2021年カレンダー)
    • [2021.11.13] Yajima Maimi 2022nen Calendar (矢島舞美2022年カレンダー)



    TV Programs[]

    TV Dramas[]

    • [2011] Mannequin Girls (マネキン・ガールズ)
    • [2012] Suugaku♥Joshi Gakuen (数学♥女子学園)
    • [2014] Urero mi Taiken Shoujo (ウレロ☆未体験少女)
    • [2014] Naze Toudouin Seiya 16sai wa Kanojo ga Dekinai no ka? (episode #3)
    • [2016] Good Morning Call (episodes #15-17)
    • [2017] Oedo Robocon (大江戸ロボコン)
    • [2018] Pretty ga Oosugiru (プリティが多すぎる) (as Ichinoyama Yuko)
    • [2020] Lupin no Musume (ルパンの娘)

    Web Dramas[]

    • [2018] Living Room Nite (リビングルームにて)


    Music Videos[]

    • [2007] Buono! - Honto no Jibun (ホントのじぶん)
    • [2015] MAGIC POWER - I Still Love You (Japanese Ver.)


    • [2005] American Family Seimei Hoken Kaisha Nippon Shisha 'Urashima Taro Hen' (アメリカンファミリー生命保険会社日本支社「浦島太郎篇」)
    • [2019] Wilkinson Tansan Lemon (ウィルキンソン タンサン レモン)



    • [2006-2008] CUTIE PARTY
    • [2008-2020] Yajima Maimi no I My Me♡Maimi~ (矢島舞美のI My Me♡まいみ〜)
    • [2013] Tokai no Hitorigurashi (都会の一人暮らし) (radio drama)
    • [2015-2017] Hello! SATOYAMA&SATOUMI Club
    • [2016-2017] Yajima no Heya (やじまの部屋) (Hello! Project Mobile exclusive)
    • [2017-2022] Tonari no Yajima Ka (隣のやじまん家) (Hello! Project Mobile exclusive)
    • [2016.10] HELLO! DRIVE! (HELLO! DRIVE! -ハロドラ-) (Fridays)


    • She was voted 7th favorite member in the 2007 Hello! Project Music Awards Event.[53]
    • She ranked #9 in CDTV's 2008 "Which artists would you have as a lover?" poll.
    • She was voted 2nd favorite member in the 2008 Hello! Project Music Awards event.[54]
    • She was voted 2nd favorite member in the 2009 Hello! Project Music Awards event.[55]
    • She ranked #10 in CDTV's 2010 "Which artist do you want as your sweetheart?" poll.
    • She was voted 4th favorite member in the 2010 Hello! Project Music Awards event.[56]
    • She was voted 7th favorite member in the 2011 Hello! Project Music Awards event.[57]
    • She was voted 7th favorite member in the 2012 Hello! Project Music Awards event.[58]
    • She ranked at #15 in Anikan R Yanyan magazine's May 2013 "Singing idol you like the most".
    • She ranked 5th in mixi's June 2013 Hello! Project Popularity Ranking.
    • She ranked #31 in All Night Nippon Listener's 2013 Overall Female Idol Ranking.
    • She ranked 24th in Nippon Cultural Broadcasting recommendation's 2013 "Female Idol Faces General Election".[59]
    • She ranked at #16 in Anikan R Yanyan magazine's September 2013 "Singing idol you like the most".
    • She ranked at #20 in Anikan R Yanyan magazine's October 2013 "Singing idol you like the most".
    • She was voted 7th favorite member in the 2013 Hello! Project Music Awards event.


    • She is considered to be one of the fastest runners in all of Hello! Project, often coming in first in running events at annual sports festivals and listed running as one of her hobbies.
    • Nonaka Miki thinks that Yajima is the coolest member of Hello! Project.
    • She has been nicknamed "Rain Girl" by fans and her fellow ℃-ute members, who say that she is the one that causes it to rain so often on important days, such as at concerts and events the group attends.
    • Has described herself as so forgetful she even forgets when she eats.
    • Loves cherries and shabu shabu.
    • Her specialty is Japanese calligraphy.
    • She thinks she can't beat Sudo Maasa's physical strength.
    • She describes her strong point as not worrying about small things.
    • She dislikes fish, and was criticized for it on Gyao's Hello! Pro Hour, since she had asked Abe Natsumi what her favorite type of sushi was, when Yajima herself doesn't eat sushi.
    • Her nickname "Yassui" was given to her by Yaguchi Mari.
    • She shares the same birthday with fellow ℃-ute member Hagiwara Mai, as well as former Hello! Project members Lehua Sandbo and Kago Ai.
    • "I My Me Mine" was the title of a magazine article about Yajima. Since it sounds similar to "Maimi", some fans call her by that name.
    • She has said that she dreams of becoming an actress in the future.
    • Wears a Japanese shoe size of 24-25.
    • She has two toy poodles and one jack russell terrier. She gave a puppy from the toy poodles to Shimizu Saki from Berryz Koubou.
    • She is good friends with Shimizu Saki,Tokunaga Chinami and Suzuki Airi
    • She doesn't like cream, and thus rarely eats cakes, preferring tarts instead.
    • She was the first ℃-ute member to release a photobook.
    • She has said that she is good at competitive eating. She once went to a wanko-soba eating contest and ate eighty-seven bowls of the food in ten minutes, more than all of the other contestants.
    • Her eldest brother is married.
    • Her role models include Abe Natsumi, Yasuda Kei, and Fujimoto Miki.`
    • Appeared in Buono!'s "Honto no Jibun" promotional video along with Okai Chisato.
    • After the departure of Umeda Erika, she became the tallest in ℃-ute, being ~5'5 (166,4 cm).
    • Excluding former member Umeda Erika, she is also the oldest in ℃-ute and the first member in ℃-ute to become a legal adult.
    • Yajima and Okai Chisato are the only two current Hello! Project members still in Gatas Brilhantes H.P..
    • She currently has the most solo DVDs out of the ℃-ute members.
    • She is best friends with fellow former member Umeda Erika.
    • Known for her good relationship with Suzuki Airi (YajiSuzu).
    • When she was asked to tell one thing she thinks ℃-ute won’t lose against the other H!P groups she answered she would be really confident that they would be #1 in a sports festival because all the members are pretty fast and athletic.
    • When she was asked which smile of all Hello! Project members she likes the most she answered it would be Iikubo Haruna's.
    • Juice=Juice member Kanazawa Tomoko says that she's envious of Yajima's 'pretty voice.'
    • Yajima and Takeuchi Akari went to Disneyland together.

    Honorary Titles[]

    Honorary Titles
    Preceded by
    Leader of ℃-ute
    June 11, 2005 – June 12, 2017
    Succeeded by
    Preceded by
    Umeda Erika
    Oldest Member of ℃-ute
    October 26, 2009 – June 12, 2017
    Succeeded by
    Preceded by
    Michishige Sayumi
    Leader of Hello! Project
    November 27, 2014 – December 31, 2016
    Succeeded by
    Wada Ayaka
    Preceded by
    Shimizu Saki
    Oldest member of Hello! Project
    March 4, 2015 – June 12, 2017
    Succeeded by
    Tsugunaga Momoko


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