Wu Zhao Xian
Wu Zhao Xian, 2014
Stage Name Frances (フランシス)
Birth Info
Born December 27, 2000 (2000-12-27) (age 18)
Origin Taiwan
Zodiac Sign Capricorn Capricorn
Height 157cm
Professional Info
Genres Mando-pop
Occupation Idol, Singer, Actress
Years Active 2009 - Present
(10 years)
Associated Acts Da Xiao Jie
Da Xiao Jie Information
Joined March 7, 2009
Graduated May 17, 2012
Instagram Instagram_logo_2016.svg @frances_wu1227
Wu Zhao Xian (吳兆絃) is a Taiwanese actress under Lionheart Entertainment Asia. She is a former member of the Hello Pro Taiwan group Da Xiao Jie where she went by Frances (フランシス).


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Artist photo-1

Wu Zhao Xian, 2009

Wu Zhao Xian joined the unit Da Xiao Jie in 2009, along with Lan Ai Zi, after making it to the finals of the Taiwan NEW STAR auditions, but not being eligible to win due to her young age.

In 2009, she made her first trip to Japan, resulting in dance lessons and the chance to perform as a backup dancer for Kusumi Koharu during the Hello! Project 2009 Winter Concert.


  • Birth Name: Wu Zhao Xian (吳兆絃)
  • Stage Name: Frances (フランシス), Frances Wu
  • Birthday: December 27, 2000 (2000-12-27) (age 18)
  • Zodiac: Capricorn
  • Height: 157cm
  • Weight: 49kg
  • Western Zodiac: Capricorn
  • Eastern Zodiac: Dragon
  • Hello! Project Groups:



  • [2010] Rock Nanny rock baby (搖滾保母 rock baby)
  • [2010] Hero Daddy (帶子英雄; Dai Zi Ying Xiong) (cameo)
  • [2010] Love Buffet (愛似百匯; Ai Si Bai Hui) (as Xing Gu Du (邢古都))
  • [2012] Extravagant Challenge (華麗的挑戰; Hua Li De Tiao Zhan) (as Maria)
  • [2018] On Children (你的孩子不是你的孩子)


  • She is 1/4th French from her mother.[1]
  • She has a younger brother.
  • She had a role in the Taiwanese drama show "Extravagant Challenge", which is a live action of the Manga "Skip Beat!". She played Maria, the grand-daughter of the chairman.


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