Week End Survivor
DVD Cover
Kobushi Factory Musical
Opening Date March 26, 2015
Closing Date April 5, 2015
Released August 5, 2015
Format DVD+CD
Recorded 2015
Engeki Joshibu Theater Chronology
Previous Musical Koisuru Hello Kitty (2014)
Next TRIANGLE (2015)

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Week End Survivor is an Engeki Joshibu musical based on a popular digital novel starring Sudo Maasa and the members of Kobushi Factory. The musical ran from March 26 to April 5, 2015 at BIG TREE THEATER, performing a total of 18 performances.

The DVD was released on August 5, 2015 and charted #90 at Oricon weekly DVD chart.[1]


Eight strangers awaken in a basement and have no means of external communication. Who is the perpetrator and what is their purpose?

On a weekend, behind closed doors, psychological warfare takes place.


From Kobushi Factory
From Engeki Joshibu


  • Producer: Niwa Tamon Andrew
  • Screenplay: Ota Yoshinari
  • Director: Oiwa Michiko
  • Music: Wada Shunsuke
  • Choreography: YOSHIKO

DVD TracklistEdit

  1. Prologue (プロローグ)
  2. ♪Survivor (サバイバー)
  3. chapter 1
  4. ♪Koko Kara Dashite (ここから出して)
  5. chapter 2 ♪Uzumaku Omoi (渦巻く思い)
  6. ♪Memory (メモリー)
  7. ♪Sayuri (サユリ)
  8. chapter 3
  9. ♪Sagashidase (探し出せ)
  10. chapter 4
  11. ♪Koukai (後悔)
  12. chapter 5
  13. ♪Sayounara (さようなら)
  14. Epilogue (エピローグ)
  15. ♪Survivor
  16. ♪Nen ni wa Nen (念には念)

  1. Survivor (サバイバー)
  2. Nemuri no Rondo-Introduce (眠りのロンド-Introduce; Rondo of Sleep-Introduce)
  3. Koko Kara Dashite (ここから出して;Get Me Out of Here)
  4. Nemuri no Rondo-Doubt (眠りのロンド-Doubt; Rondo of Sleep-Doubt)
  5. Uzumaku Omoi (渦巻く思い; Swirling Thoughts)
  6. Memory (メモリー) - Natsu & Yuuto
  7. Sayuri ~Prelude~ (サユリ~プレリュード~) - Takeshi
  8. Nemuri no Rondo-Fluctuations (眠りのロンド-Fluctuations; Rondo of Sleep-Fluctuations)
  9. Sayuri (サユリ)
  10. Sagashidase (探し出せ; Find Out) (Keiko with Urara and Chiaki)
  11. Nemuri no Rondo-Lost (眠りのロンド-Lost; Rondo of Sleep-Lost)
  12. Koukai (後悔; Regret) - Natsu
  13. Nemuri no Rondo-Belief (眠りのロンド-Belief; Rondo of Sleep-Belief)
  14. Sayounara (さようなら; Goodbye)

Radio versionEdit

A four episode radio version was aired from March 1 to March 22, 2015 in order to promote the play. In this version the plot differs, there are less characters and the members playing their roles have been switched around, as shown below:




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