Wakkyanai (Z) (わっきゃない(Z); It's Easy) is the fourth indie single from the Japanese pop group ℃-ute. It was released on July 29, 2006, and was also on sale at Fanclub Events and at the Hello! Project store. This was Murakami Megumi's last single with ℃-ute before she left Hello! Project to continue her schooling and lead a private life. When Murakami left, her lines were taken over by Umeda Erika. When Umeda left, her lines were given to Okai Chisato.

This was ℃-ute's first original song, first performed in November 2005.


  1. Wakkyanai (Z)
  2. Wakkyanai (Z) (Instrumental)

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℃-ute promoting the single

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Wakkyanai (Z)

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Wakkyanai (Z)

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