Utakata (うたかた) is the second solo photobook by Fukumura Mizuki, it was released on June 25, 2014. The photobook comes with a making-of DVD. The photographs were taken in Okinawa by Saijo Akihito.

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  • It was officially announced one year after her first solo photobook, MIZUKI, was released.
  • The photobook was originally planned to be released in May, but it was postponed for unknown reasons.
  • There was a preview of the photobook in Friday (on sale June 20) and UTB (on sale June 23).
  • If purchased from Wani Books, 7Net, Rakuten, HMV or Famima, the photobook will come with two bonus photos.
  • The solo DVD, Pancake, which is set to be released August 6, corresponds to the photobook.

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Photobook Ranking

Week RankSales
? 1,059

Total Reported Sales: 1,059

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