This is Fujii,Ogawa and Taguchi leave Kobushi Factory memeber and Inaba's return to Hello! Project and Hello Pro Kenshuusei Hokkaido. See will be the 11 Years ago to Morning Musume 8th Generation Member. Even Tsugunaga Momoko's Senority after five months

Morning Musume 8th Generation
December 10, 2006
S/mileage/ANGERME 1st Generation
April 4, 2009
Morning Musume 9th Generation
January 2 2011
S/mileage/ANGERME 2nd Generation
August 14 2011-present
Morning Musume 10th Generation
September 29 2011-present
Morning Musume 11th Generation
September 14 2012
February 3 2013
Morning Musume 12th Generation
September 30 2014
ANGERME 3rd Generation
October 4 2014
Country Girls
November 5 2014
Kobushi Factory
January 2 2015
Tsubaki Factory
April 29 2015
Country Girls 2nd Generation
November 5,2015
ANGERME 4th Generation
November 11, 2015
ANGERME 5th Generation
July 16, 2016
Tsubaki Factory new addition
August 13, 2016
Morning Musume 13th Generation
December 12, 2016
ANGERME 6th Generation
June 26, 2017
Juice=Juice New Addion
June 26, 2017

Country Girls member Morito joned Morning Musume '17, Yanagawa joned Juice=Juice and Funaki joned ANGERME and form two kenshuusei member Kawamura and Danbara joned Hello! Project Member.

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