List Diffrent formations successives of Morning Musume Members

1st formation

September 1997 :1st Generation

2nd formation

May 1998 :2nd Generation: Yasuda Kei ,Yaguchi Mari ,Ichii Sayaka.

3rd formation

April 1999 :Departures of Fukuda Asuka.

4th formation

August 1999 :3rd Generation Joned Goto Maki.

5th formation

January 2000 :Departures of Ishiguro Aya

6th formation

April 2000 :4th Generation Joned

7th formation

May 2000:Departures of Ichii Sayaka.

8th formation

April 2001 :Departures of Nakazawa Yuko.

9th formation

August 2001 :5th Generation Joned

10th formation

September 2002 :Departures of Goto Maki.

11th formation

May 2003 :Departues of Yasuda Kei. January/May 2003 :6th Generation Joned

12th formation

January 2004 : Departures of Abe Natsumi.

13th formation

August 2004 : Departures of Tsuji Nozomi & Kago Ai

14th formation

Janaury 2005 :Departures of Iida Kaori.

15th formation

April 2005 :Yaguchi Mari's left.

16th formation

May 2005 : Departures of Ishikawa Rika.

17th formation

mid-May 2005 :7th Generation joned Kusumi Koharu.

18th formation

July 2006 : Departures of Konno Asami.

19th formation

August 2006 : Departures of Ogawa Makoto.

20th formation

December 2006 :8th Generation (1) : Mitsui Aika

21th formation

May 2007 : Departure of Yoshizawa Hitomi May 2007 : 8th Generation (2) : Junjun & Linlin

22th formation

June 2007 :Fujimoto Miki's left

23th formation

December 2009 : Departures of Kusumi Koharu

24th formation

December 2010 : Departures of Kamei Eri,Junjun & Linlin

25th formation

January 2011 : 9th Generation Joned

26th formation

September 2011 : Departures of Takahashi Ai

27th formation

October 2011 : 10th Generation Joned

28th formation

May 2012 : Departures of Niigaki Risa & Mitsui Aika

29th formation

September 2012 : 11th Generation Joned Oda Sakura

30th formation

May 2013 : Departures of Tanaka Reina

31th formation

November 2014 : Departures of Michishige Sayumi

32th formation

January 2015 : 12th Generation Joned

33th formation

December 2015 : Departures of Sayashi Riho

34th formation

May 2016 : Departures of Suzuki Kanon

35th formation

December 2016: 13th Generation Joned

36th formation

June 2017: 14th Generation Morito Chisaki Joned

37th formation

December 2017: Departures of Kudo Haruka

38th formation

June 2018: Departures of Ogata Haruna

39th formation

December 2018: Departures of Iikubo Haruna

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