Taking a bit of a new approach to gathering info on the stuff I own. Maybe it's too much and I'll get sick of it. But in short: DIGITIZE EVERYTHING. I've done a fair number of cover scans, gotten pictures of disc menus, things like that--but each time I'd want to check something else out it would involve getting out the disc again and going for whatever specific thing. Which has been especially a hassle since right now at any given time most of it is put away in storage.

So I got a new hard drive with plenty of space to waste. I've started ripping all my discs, regardless of if I have immediate plans for them. Scanning not just the cover, but the disc and most other things that might be in too. End goal being if there was anything to find from the disc on the physical shelf, I should be able to find it on this hard drive.

Of course some exceptions apply. Some discs run into weird problems ripping, like the DVD that somehow convinced the ripping program it was over 30 GB in size and freaked out when it couldn't finish. Or there are some bonus items within plastic that I'm not pulling out to scan every last layer of.

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