A few of my blog entries from early last year were about my project to scan pretty much everything that comes with the discs I own. For a while I was updating with the count of how many scans I was up to, but it looks like the last time I did that was August so it seems like a better idea to have this whole new post rather than just a super late reply to the old one.

I am still far from done, this is a looot of stuff to go through. It's also the sort of thing that gets old to do too much of at once, so I've definitely taken breaks from it. But over the last ~13 months I'm now up to 3648 scanned images across what looks to be 533 different sets, so an average of 6.8 images per item. You can still see small versions of the scanned items here in alphanumeric order or here with most recent scans shown first. The new ones also get shown in the #scan-everything channel of our Discord server.

If you do want a higher quality version of any particular images, just request it of me. There are surely some of them that would be good for cover images around here, but I've just put the emphasis on more scanning rather than straightening/cleaning up/etc. The main use I've put these to so far is occasionally going for the extended song credits. Especially in the few cases (such as Taiyou to Ciscomoon) where every major release has been scanned so nothing is hiding.

Off topic of H!P, since I've usually paired the scanning with watching something that doesn't demand my full attention, I've rewatched about 220 episodes of Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis while doing this. Enough left to scan I'm going to run out of Stargate before I run out of discs!

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