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    April 24, 2015 by ElpisGalaxy

    As the title states, I'm going into a hiatus again. I'm sorry to do so and I'll miss this place while I'm gone. This came about a month earlier than when I expected to do so. I know I've gone into hiatus before, but I never expected to come back as soon as I could. It has been a nice six months.

    You can expect to see me back on here regularly in September 2015 (when I initially thought I'd be back). I may come on here before then, but don't always count on it.

    If you need to contact me for any reason I am on a few sites and I'll be able to check them over the summer more easily than I can here.

    mm-bbs: Mizura Hello! Online: Riyu! (I'm less active here)

    I hope you all have a great summer! - Riyu

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  • ElpisGalaxy

    Just a bit earlier I was looking through for some past information when I decided to see what looked like. What I found was interesting even if not the most useful. It really shows how website design has changed. I don't have a way to post screenshots so you'll need to click the links.

    There are probably more, but I don't have the patience to try to find them all. Which iteration is your favorite?

    • April 5, 2001 This is the first archived site, its very colorful and has a variety of buttons. It wonder what the profile picture was for. The wiki probably has it though.

    • April 3, 2002 A later incarnation. News is now on either side and there are profile links at the bottom of the page with the members on sea creatu…

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  • ElpisGalaxy

    2 years on the Wiki

    January 27, 2015 by ElpisGalaxy

    I'm a few days late, but why not, I'll still make this. 2 years ago, I made an account on Wikia to edit at this Wiki. When I first joined, I had no idea about how to edit in markup, and this wiki was a different place. There were a lot of page vandalisms back then, and there were no active admins.

    Within that time, things had changed, WonderBuono! became admin, and a lot of users started joining and editing. I also learned a lot about markup and edited in source mode. I had fun, and this place was where I spent a lot of time.

    Things changed about a year ago, and I could no longer access this place from home. I couldn't really access it from school either. And so I predicted that the next time I'd be able to come on was Fall 2015 at the earli…

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  • ElpisGalaxy

    Using the idea other people are doing and listing my current favorite Hello! Project members at the beginning of the year.

    My rankings are somewhat biased with my favorites, but I tried not to be for the most part.

    And remember, I don't hate any current Hello! Project member, but there are some who interest me more than others.

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  • ElpisGalaxy

    I know there has been a ton of discussion regarding the sliders on the main page, and the most discussion I see about it is the problem with it having only 4 slides, this is a problem since there are more than 4 Hello! Project groups,

    Recently, I discovered a different way in which you can do the main page without using the slider, this way you can put as many groups as you want down and it doesn't take as long to load.

    Here are some screenshots I took while putting it on the main page (I didn't save my work but I copied the code onto my user profile.)

    Looks pretty good IMO.

    What do you the rest of you think? Is it worth the trouble or should we just stick with the main page slider?

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