Hey guys look who I found who I think will be the next kenshuusei as 29th Generation along with like 10 girls hopefully in Spring 2018!

I found Yuka Ide (井手柚花, born on 25th April 2007), Luna Miyajima (宮島瑠南, born on 1st June 2008) and Jui Nogimoto (禾本珠彩, born on 17th September 2010)

They are currently playing as Little Cosette and Young Eponine in the 30th anniversary of Les Miserables in Japan. Yuka Ide before played Gretl in The Sound of Music and Luna Miyajima played Molly in Annie and Jui Nogimoto was a guest in a Si-Stella Concert and has mostly appeared with Si-Stella's Hina Masuda in various tv adverts and concerts, So it is likely that they could join Takase Kurumi and Kiyono Momohime in their musical theatre group. I think they were in idol groups before I think as a hobby.

If this is true if they will join Hello Pro Kenshuusei, I want them either in Morning Musume or Angerme. I would want them in Morning Musume to beat Haruka Kudo's record, If I see that Rika S, Mei, Rin and another girl do join Morning Musume and beat Haruka's record.

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