Secret Special Surprise from Mizuki = 15ki announcement (Rika Shimakura, Mei Yamazaki, Hashisako Rin and Yuriya Matsubara)

15ki debut

Singles: 3 (One or two of them will not feature Oda Sakura since she would play Kim in Miss Saigon)

Sato Masaki leaves due to poor health without a graduation ceremony

Oda Sakura goes on hiatus and halts her activities in Morning Musume for a while after being chosen to play Kim in Miss Saigon

Oda Sakura will be absent for all Morning Musume and Hello! Project concerts including Hina Fest since she would instead play the role as Kim in Miss Saigon

Search for a 16ki audition

16ki are found (4 girls)

16ki debuts

Oda Sakura returns from her hiatus and continues her activities in Morning Musume after finishing her run as Kim in Miss Saigon

19 Members


Singles: 3

Oda Sakura announces graduation during H!P concert since she got chosen to play Eponine in Les Miserables and to do more musical theatre in both Japan and overseas

Graduation at Spring tour

17ki (4 members) were chosen by Mizuki, Erina, Haruna and Sakura together

17ki debut

Members at the end of year: 22


Singles: 2

Ogata Haruna and Nonaka Miki announces graduation during Summer Concert so as to train to be kindergarten assistants thanks to attending a childcare course abroad

Graduates during fall concert, and 18ki are announced (4 girls) (Yuka Ide, Luna Miyajima, Hina Masuda and Jui Nogimoto)

18ki debut

Members at the end of year: 23


Singles: 3

During winter concert, Kaga Kaede, Morito Chisaki and Shimakura Rika announces graduation to do a unit together

Morning Musume performs during Olympics in Tokyo 2020 except for Kaga Kaede, Morito Chisaki and Shimakura Rika

19ki audition announcement during fall time

Graduates in fall concert

Members at the end of the year: 19


Singles: 2

Fukumura Mizuki announces graduation during spring tour

19ki announcement during summer tour (three members including Lulu Okafuji and 2 other members)

19ki debut

Mizuki graduates in fall tour

Leader: Ikuta Erina

Sub Leader: Iikubo Haruna, Ishida Ayumi

Members: 21


Singles: 3

Ikuta Erina and Yokoyama Reina decide to graduate together

Graduated during fall tour

20ki audition announcement during countdown

Leader: Iikubo Haruna

Sub-Leader: Ishida Ayumi, Makino Maria and Haga Akane

Members: 19


Singles: 3

20ki announcement during fall tour (one H!P Kenshuusei, one Korean, one Chinese and one Thai)

No graduations

Members: 23


Singles: 5 (3 during 2024, 2 during 2025)

20ki debut

Iikubo Haruna announces graduation in nippon budokan concert of spring tour due to marriage, pregnancy and maternity leave in winter

graduation on fall tour

Leader: Ishida Ayumi

Sub Leaders: Makino Maria and Haga Akane

Members: 22


Singles: 2

Haga Akane announces graduation

Graduated during spring tour

21ki audition during summer

21ki are found (4 members)

Members: 25


Singles: 3

Ishida Ayumi announces graduation in spring concert

Graduation in fall concert

Leaders: Makino Maria

Total of members at the end of the year: 24


Singles: 3

Makino Maria graduates from Morning Musume

Graduates during spring tour

22ki (3 members) picked by Makino Maria

Leaders: Makino Maria - Yamazaki Mei

Total of members at the end of the year: 26


Morning Musume decides to be split into two groups but will still perform together (Junior 1 and Senior 2 Morning Musume)

Lineup for that time

Senior Morning Musume 2

15ki Mei Yamazaki (26) - Green

15ki Rin Hashisako (26) - Aqua Blue

15ki Yuriya Matsubara (23) - Orchid

16ki Another Girl (25) - Orange

16ki Another Girl (24) - Emerald Green

16ki Another Girl (22) - Lavender Purple

16ki Another Girl (21) - Frostbunny Blue

17ki Another Girl (21) - Violet Purple

17ki Another Girl (23) - Strawberry Red

17ki Another Girl (22) - Indigo

17ki Another Girl (24) - Hot Pink

18ki Yuka Ide (23) - Keylime Green

18ki Luna Miyajima (22) - Custard Yellow

18ki Hina Masuda (22) - Red Violet

18ki Jui Nogimoto (20) - Royal Blue

Junior Morning Musume 1

19ki Lulu Okafuji (19) - Light Orange

19ki Another Girl (18) - Golden Yellow

19ki Another Girl (17) - Turquoise

20ki Kenshuusei Girl (16) - Burgundy

20ki Chinese Girl (16) - Maroon

20ki Korean Girl (16) - Cyan

20ki Thai girl (16) - Navy Blue

21ki Another girl (15) - Red Orange

21ki Another girl (15) - Blue Green

21ki Another girl (14) - Peach

21ki Another girl (13) - Salmon

22ki Another girl (12) - Mauve

22ki Another girl (11) - Mint

22ki Another girl (10) - Light Pink

Overall: 22 Generations, 98+ Singles

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