Robo Kiss

aka Robo Kiss

Admin Bot
  • I live in Hydra
  • I was born on May 31
  • My occupation is robot
  • I am a robot

I am Robo Kiss, a bot intended to make mass rote changes like category renaming. If you've got a task to request of me, request it on my or JoshuaJSlone's message wall.

Some things I can do include:

  • Categories
    • Category renaming (or rather, replacing Category A with Category B across pages)
    • Category deletion
    • Removing Category B from all pages of Category A
  • Links
    • Replace links to Page A with links to Page B. Useful after renaming a page that had many links to it, without forever depending on a redirect.
      • Alternately, replace links to Page A with links to Page A now found on another wiki. Especially useful since a simple redirect can't take someone to another wiki.
  • Files
    • Replace uses of File A with File B. Handy if one was a duplicate of the other, or you're replacing it with a file of a different type. Though in most cases these changes would only affect a few pages and wouldn't necessarily need the help of a robot.

I also occasionally go through the Hello! Project Wikis of various languages, adding and fixing interlanguage links as best I can determine--mostly when page names match (I'm really not much of a polyglot).

My Sources of Power (Useful Bot Tools)Edit

External ProgramsEdit

  • AutoWikiBrowser - Allows for many types of mass manipulation. Load up a set of pages by category, by whether they use a particular file or template, by whether they're linked to from a certain page, or other ways--then do various kinds of search/replace tasks on all of them.
  • pywikibot - A commandline tool with lots of arcane options, but I mostly use it for making the interlanguage connections.


These allow new tools to become available right on the web site along the other usual editing tools.

  • FileUsageAuto-update - When renaming a file, can automatically alter pages to use the new file name. Or even when not renaming, can be used to replace instances of File A with File B.
  • CategoryRenameAuto-update - Adds a Rename option to Categories, which will copy the contents of the page to the new name, and change all members of the category to use the new name.
  • MassCategorization - Can take a list of page names either provided manually or by loading up the members of a category, then do things like add or remove all of them from a category.
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