aka Mei

  • I live in Denmark
  • I was born on July 1
  • My occupation is Graphic Design student
  • I am Female
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Kame~~ <3

Hey my name is Mei, are 22 years old and live in Denmark. Have been a fan since 9ki joined MM so 2011, other than that I enjoy a lot of different types of music, I make covers tho not good ones.

I collect a lot of merch both idol, anime and Japan related, example are:

  • All Maro's graduation stuff
  • Otome games in limited edition
  • Idolmaster games (most limited edition) figurines
  • Ore no imouto figurines, nendroids, games, stramps

Are a big gamer and sometimes stream but mostly for my own fun!

Love MMD and have been a user for 9 years about now! Hope I can start working on 3d myself and have my own rp group related to idols <3

Also helps out the H!P confession blog on tumblr! Love it a lot and are happy to see you all come with confessions

My fave from each group is:

  • Ikuta Erina - Morning Musume'18
  • Kamikokuryo Moe - ANGERME
  • Takagi Sayuki - Juice=Juice
  • Danbara Ruru - Juice=Juice
  • Funaki Musubu - Country Girls
  • Nomura Minami - Kobushi Factory
  • Akiyama Mao - Tsubaki Factory
  • Takase Kurumi - Hello Pro Kenshuusei

My H!P CollectionEdit

  • Full Kamei Eri Haromoni@ Set
  • Ikuta Erina L's and L2's
  • Ikuta Erina and Iikubo Haruna Pinup's
  • Ikuta Erina birthday goods
  • Renai Hunter Limited Editon B
  • Ultra Smart Blu-ray
  • Taiki Bansei/Otome no Gyakushuu Limited Edition C and D + Postcards
  • Yumemiru Fifteen Regular Edition
  • Full Graduation set for Fukuda Kanon
  • Have gotten so much I have no overview what I have lol
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