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I used to be a huge fan of Hello! Project, especially the time period from 1997 to around 2001. I owned and operated a fan page called, but it has been inactive for years and has since been deleted. I joined this fandom to share all the info I collected, translated and researched over the years. I have the info from magazine interviews, papers etc, bilingual translators (Kaoruko or Megchan), old television shows (like ASAYAN, Hello Morning, Idol wo Sagase), fan sites (like SparklingMelrosePool, The Matsuurian) and official blogs/twitters.


Hello! Project's fan since 2004.



Hello! Pro TOP Members / ハロプロの推しメンEdit

[[File:|110px|link=Ishiguro Aya]]
 Ishiguro Aya 
[[File:|110px|link=Inaba Atsuko]]
 Inaba Atsuko 
[[File:|110px|link=Kominato Miwa]]
 Kominato Miwa 
[[File:|110px|link=Iida Kaori]]
 Iida Kaori 
[[File:|110px|link=Maeda Yuki]]
 Maeda Yuki 
[[File:|110px|link=Nakazawa Yuko]]
 Nakazawa Yuko 
[[File:|110px|link=Miyoshi Chinatsu]]
 Miyoshi Chinatsu 
[[File:|110px|link=Ishii Rika]]
 Ishii Rika 

Hello! Pro TOP Songs / ハロプロの音楽Edit

My favorite pagesEdit

Sharam Q Josei Rock Vocalist Audition
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