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–KYS, November 2017

What's up?


KanashiYasashiSayashi Profile Last update: 02.11.2017

  • Hello! Project Status:
    • 2011-06/07: Hello! Project Fan
  • Favorite Hello! Project Group:
    • Morning Musume

  • Favorite Hello! Project songs:
  • Utakata Saturday Night
  • Brainstorming
  • Wakuteka Take a Chance
  • Favorite Generations:
  • Morning Musume: 10ki
  • Angerme: 3ki
  • Looks Up To:

Hello!-Online: Fluffis
Fluffis does a lot for us Zukki wota.
I appreciate that and find all the stuff she puts out amazing!
She really likes to share her love for Zukki with us and I LOVE IT!

Hello!-Project Wikia: User:JoshuaJSlone
It's clear that I'm not a beginner when it comes to editing, but what Josh puts out is on another level, I always learn something new from him even if he maybe doesn't even know about that.

Hello! Project: Tsunku, Tanaka Reina, Suzuki Kanon, Takagi Sayuki, Kanazawa Tomoko, Tsugunaga Momoko, Sayashi Riho, Sato Masaki, Suzuki Airi, Murota Mizuki; Michishige Sayumi (See more in: Member Rankings)

Hello! Project body goals: Nakajima Saki, Ogawa Rena, Takeuchi Akari (Because I want to drop 8kg's and they have the most similar body type - big biceps, bigger triceps and bigger legs meanwhile their bellies are rather flat and all of them aren't on the super skinny side - which I will never reach either) honorable mentions are Kamei Eri and Sayashi Riho, maybe also Natsuyaki Miyabi because they are fellow thunder thighs to some degree.


Translations from and

Here we go!

Even if I make mistakes, I won't rush anything I should just believe in the skills I've mastered That's what you wanted to do, too, right?

Here we go! If there's something you want to say to someone, say it Being afraid won't settle anything After all, it's just how you are

Here we go! Even if things go up in flames, I won't be afraid It's good if there aren't any lies at all You created all of this

Here we go! Even if you tease me, I won't be upset I should just believe in myself and move forward After all, it's just how you are


Jealousy Jealousy

When I was little, I had a dream

It's not the city I once admired, but It's because this city Now has me My 22-year old self

When I was little, I had mapped it out It's not of an ideal adult, but More than back then I have confidence In this dream of a 22-year old

Three good things happened to me

I kinda feel great In addition, I have a feeling That I’ll soon be very lucky

You shouldn’t make A delicate girl cry You shouldn’t make A delicate girl cry

Let’s leave behind all the accumulated Stress here and now Let’s live smartly This is my life

By acting as usual Some get compliments Let’s outlive smartly The difficulties of the beginning Stand Proud

Come on Dance Come on Be Proud It’s time to go

I’m sure that one day, I’ll succeed There will be other challenges tomorrow There are more hardworkers in the world

Don’t be lazy Don’t get sulky Don’t shut yourself off Come here GO GO Live with your time

Some good things happened to me I kinda feel great

Anyways, I had a nice dream I kinda feel great I have no choice But to make it a reality

My schedule is full next week I’m really enjoying life

You shouldn’t make A delicate girl cry You shouldn’t make A delicate girl cry

During my cultural activities I made a lot of friends Let’s live bravely This is my life

I feel sorry for those Afraid to engage with othoers Let’s take bravely The path ahead Never give up

Make sure You are ready It’s time to go

I’m sure that one day, I’ll be moved I’m sure that tomorrow, I’ll be relieved In fact, there are always oppositions

Don’t put on airs Don’t be defensive Don’t be withdrawn Come here GO GO Don’t miss the signs

Some good things happen to me I kinda feel great

I’m sure that one day, I’ll succeed There will be other challenges tomorrow There are more hardworkers in the world

Don’t be lazy Don’t get sulky Don’t shut yourself off Come here GO GO Live with your time

Some good things happened to me I kinda feel great

Taiki Bansei Dream Road ~ Kokoro ga Odoridashiteru ~ Kimi no Kawari ya Iyashinai Osu! Kobushi Tamashii

  • Name: XXX
  • Birthdate: May 27, 1995 (age 21)
  • Birthplace: A place nobody knows anyway.
  • Blood type: AB
  • Height: 157,5cm (5' 2")
  • Western Zodiac: Gemini Gemini
  • Hobbies: XXX
  • Specialties: XXX
  • Favorite Music Genre: Para Para Eurobeat Enka Techno EDM Crap
    (Or in other words: everything that sounds like 90's music)
  • Favorite Food: Noodle soup, Chicken
  • Favorite Sports: Weight lifting
  • Charm Points:
  • I am honest
  • I have a cute mouth :D
  • This is not necessary something that applies to my home country, but I'm sure Asians would appreciate this: I'm so pale, I put Ogata Haruna and Niinuma Kisora easily into shame.
  • Weak Points:
  • I'm often not doing what I'm supposed to do.
  • Absence of self-respect (Main problem)
  • Easily distracted and insecure
  • Motto: XXX

Favorite colour:
Favorite song citations:
Looks up to:
Tad Williams, Amber Liu, Nikolaj Günter, Zico, Jessica Jung, Kris Stelljes, Attila Hildmann


Personal Life

KYS has a half-sister.

KYS finished her secondary education at the age of 18 while most of the people who go for the same finish it at the age of 16. She started school one year later than usual, because of an operation and had to repeat the 7th grade, which resulted in a 2-year gap.

Here is a list of nicknames that was used to refer to KYS:

  • KanashYasashiSayashi*
  • ChaCha*
  • Schimmli / Shimuri*



KanashiYasashiSayashi hasn't published her works yet, but it is implied that she's going to do so from 2018 on. A English translation is planned later on.

Trivia (Not Hello! Project related)

  • She wants to learn Japanese, Korean, Chinese, basic Thai and possibly even more Asian languages. Originally she wanted to start with Japanese on November 2017, but it was postponed due to the lack of money and the priority of other important things.
  • Since KYS didn't go to school for about 4 years, her English isn't as good as it used to be, however if there will be a possibility in the future, she's going to refresh her English and pick up more vocabularies.
  • She wants to be an author and create webvideos in the near future.
  • Is planning a 25 month diet to reach her ideal weight of 47,5kg starting in November "I used to be really obese and never lost more than 1kg per month even when my BMI was about 30, now with a BMI of 22-23 and a now diagnosted Hypothyroidism, I will try to lose 300-400g each month until December 2019. This marks the day when I originally started to lose weight, it will be a 10-year-anniversary. It seems impossible for me to lose it faster and before I repeat former mistakes with starvation, I'll grow into the perfect shape without stress and yo-yo dieting. I recently learned that I'm not eating enough, which is in my opinion a bigger problem than not eating in moderation - from a body fat percentage of roughly 25% and a normal weight, I'll start to fullfill my dream in November 2017. I'm not in a rush, it's better than 5 more years of yo-yo dieting and pain."
  • Plans to be self-employed in the future. However, because her start-up capital is pretty low she's planning to start an apprenticeship next year.
  • She used to be really into Hetalia, SAW and several Boys Love and Yaoi anime and manga namely Seven Days, Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, Junjou Romantica, Sternensammler and Hey, Class President!
  • Has Hypothyroidism, Chronic Cervical spine disorder and Chronic Blepharitis
  • Since at least 3 generations Polydactyly runs in her family. While the majority of the relatives on her mothers side of the family have polydactyly on one of their hands and one of their feet, only KYS and her grandfather are known to have it on both their hands. The 2 extra fingers were amputated when KYS was still a baby and the extra toe when she was a preschooler, that's also the main reason why she started to go to a regular school one year later at the age of 7.




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