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Oh hey guys! I'm Jcocoa and I care a lot about idols.


I feel kind of old and creaky talking about it now, but I've been aware of Momusu since sometime around Koi no Dance Site. At the time, it was a fun thing to talk about with some friends of mine who were into visual kei, and I mostly knew of the group as "the one with like ten thousand girls and one of them is leaving and for some reason all the fans are upset?"

I didn't join the fandom until a while later when I caught wind of Mr.Moonlight ~Ai no Big Band~ at a local Japanese market. I think I went shopping to pick up a BoA album or something and my plans completely derailed. The CD single was cute, and I brought it home and learned that it was an absolute bop. Shortly thereafter, I was fully invested. I started hanging out on Spanish websites looking for news because I couldn't find anything comprehensive in English. A while later, I started hanging out on mm-bbs. (If you're also an old fan, hi! I used to go by jko but generally can't anymore because the current internet tends to require more than 3 letters in a username.)

I think the thing that cemented me as a full H!P wota for life was 4th "Ikimasshoi!". It still holds up as the perfect example of what makes H!P music great: it's strong pop, inspirational, and is chock full of that Tsunku sound. And the fandom is so warm and welcoming, it was really like finding my "Suggoi Nakama."

I ended up losing touch with H!P around 2010. I'd been fluctuating for a while (I know new fans have nostalgia for SEXY 8 BEAT, but it was a rough album at the time), but I distinctly remember Seishun Collection feeling like an album track snuck out and tried to get promoted as a single. That was also right around the Morning Musume 9ki Audition. Everyone turned out great, but at the time of the audition I was really hoping to see a strong singer enter and it would take many years for that gen to grow into itself.

I might have stayed away for good if it weren't for the Morning Musume '14 Live Concert in New York. It was happening local to me, and when I found out about it I got some tickets thinking that I might meet up with some old fandom friends and reconnect. I took the time to learn the new girls and check out the new songs. Kimi no Kawari wa Iyashinai and What is LOVE? basically singlehandedly brought me rushing back to the fandom. Since the time I'd left, everything was more accessible online. Hello! Project Station and the youtube presence was so much better than trying to grab things from trackers, the PVs all came with subtitles, and it seemed like H!P actually cared about the western fanbase. I've been fully back in since then, even though I've only recently started to engage with the fandom again.

Hi, friends. I've got a knowledgebase about all sorts of things that H!P was doing before most of its current members were even born. I hope I can help clean up some of the spotty old pages in the wiki attic.

Current Wiki Projects[]

("Current" used very loosely. I have a habit of picking up a habit and dropping it to work on something else. I bounce between these things)

  • Photobooks
    I'm trying to clear up some of the photobook stubs by translating the book jacket information from their website listings. I'm quickly learning that photobook marketing gets incredibly creepy very quickly. Blanket apologies for some of the sleaze I find myself posting. I'm tempted to put like "the description is some weird copywriters drooling over a teenage girl in a bikini" but that's always the other side of gravure.
  • Unused Images
    I've also been poking around the Special:UnusedFiles page and trying to sort images into the appropriate profile pages and galleries. I'm finding that there are a lot of duplicate images and I'm not sure if there's protocols for what to do about those. If I edit something that shouldn't have been edited, feel free to flag me down?
  • CD booklets!
    Kroed has been looking for CD booklet scans so he can verify lyrics for the H!P Lyrics wiki. I started digging into that to help out but realized that scanning might also have some interesting trivia or gallery stuff. It's possible that I'm scanning/editing files that are too large? But if I'm suddenly obsessed with tweaking something ancient with things, that's what I'm into / where the sudden info is coming from.
  • Performance Listings
    Sometimes, I'm also digging into the old discography pages and abusing the search function to update the Performance lists. It's a lot, but also pretty mindless, so it's a "when I'm procrastinating from having a productive workday" kind of task. Sometimes event pages are a mess and I might get in the weeds working on concert pages just to have enough event tracklists to reference.
    I've reviewed in full (dates as a reference mostly so I know when to re-review later on):
    • As of September 2021: Matsuura Aya, Maeda Yuki, Ishii Rika, Sheki-Dol
    • As of December 2021: Melon Kinenbi
    • As of January 2022: Miyoshi Chinatsu
    • As of March 2022: Country Musume, Kobayashi Azusa, Satoda Mai
    • As of July 2022: Nakazawa Yuko
    • Currently working on: Heike Michiyo
    • Queued soonish: Abe Natsumi, Coconuts Musume, Taiyou to Ciscomoon, might jump ahead and just do V-U-den because I like thinking about those songs

Concerts Attended[]

推しメン / Oshimen[]

Forever Girls[]

Current Members[]

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This is a temporary space[]

I mentioned above that I'm wading through the Unused Images queue. It's been a good time and I'm finding out about events that I didn't even know existed before (I'm digging for info about you next, Berryz Kamen mobile gacha...!). BUT the queue caps at 1000 images and the only way to get it to move forward is to place images out of the directory. SHOULD BE FINE, but a lot of them are LQ duplicates of things that already exist on the wiki, or are a bunch of screencaps or entire photobook dumps that wouldn't be appropriate to place. So just for the interim, I'm going to dump a bunch of images here to jump ahead in the cache. It was originally a bunch of files thrown here, but things started to get unweildy so now it's a small slideshow. It might not be clickable anymore. I think this is a slideshow that immediately crashes.

And this one's unrelated, but these badges are incredibly cute and I didn't want to bury them in the gallery above.