• I live in California, USA
  • I was born on March 17
  • I am Female
Natsuyaki Miyabi-491037

Natsuyaki Miyabi - My most favorite member


Ishida Ayumi - My favorite current member

Hey there! I'm Icklenikhikinz and I love Hello! Project!! I also love to make new friends so leave me a message if you want :) I've been a fan of H!P since early 2012. The first group I found was Buono! and I've been a fan of them since early 2011 because I was watching the anime Shugo Chara. The first song I heard from them was Bravo☆Bravo because my sister watched the anime first and it was the first song I overheard.

I've attempted to venture out of H!P but it's never really happened. I was obsessed with a couple of songs by AKB48 but I never got further than those 4 or 5 songs that I heard. I've also listened to a bit of Perfume, Momoiro Clover and Fairies. I've listened to a bit of K-pop, mostly Girls' Generation, but I didn't get into that as well.

My GoodsEdit

Favorite MembersEdit

I'm pretty biased to a girl who can dance.

Current OverallEdit



If you doubted my favorite member was Miyabi based on my profile above, this will definately help settle that doubt XD

My Original Line-upEdit

(This definitely wasn't the first line-up I was exposed to though. I was basically living in the Platinum Era for about half a year.)

"First" SongsEdit

The groups are ordered based on which one I discovered first. Listed first is the first song I heard from each group. Listed second is the first song that was released around the time I actually got into the group. Groups not listed are ones I've been a fan of since their formation.

That kind of gives you (and me XD) an estimate of how long I've been into these groups.

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