My name is EB and I am a BIG fan of Hello Project, particularly old Hello Project (old Momusu, Mini Moni, Tanpopo, etc) I love W!!! with Tsuji and Kago, they were a cute duo. I also have the same birthday as Tsuji Nozomi's daughter, Sora which is awesome because Tsuji was one of my favorite members of Momusu.

All Time FAVORITE Hello Project Songs! Edit

These are my all time Favorite songs! From 1997-2015

Rank Name Group
1st Akai Freesia Melon Kinenbi
2nd TIKI BUN Morning Musume '14
3rd Mikaeri Bijin
4th The Matenrou Show Morning Musume
5th Tokonatsu Musume Coconuts Musume
6th Taiki Bansei ANGERME
7th Koi wo Shichaimashita! Tanpopo
8th Uwaki na Honey Pie Country Musume
9th Hajimete no Happy Birthday!
10th Summer Night Town Morning Musume

About Me!! Edit

  • Name: E.B. Roca
  • Place of Birth: Philippines
  • Western Zodiac: Aries
  • Fan Status:
    • 2010-02: Hello Pro Fan Kenshuusei
    • 2012-12: Official Hello Pro. Fan

  • What are your hobbies? Listening to J-pop and K-pop, Theatre, singing, tennis
  • Favorite Food: Boba, Yakisoba, Korean BBQ, ANY JAPANESE AND KOREAN FOOD...
  • What places have you been? Hong Kong, China, Manila, Bacolod City, General Santos, Tokyo, Houston, Los Angeles, Dallas
  • Where do you want to live in the future? Tokyo, Osaka, Nara or Seoul, Busan, Daegu

  • Fan of P-pop (Philippine Pop) since BIRTH!!

Artists include: Sarah Geronimo, Toni Gonzaga, etc

  • Fan of J-pop since 2011

Artists include: Morning Musume '15, ANGERME, etc

  • Fan of K-pop since 2014

See K-pop tab

Favorite songs:

  • EXO: Overdose, Growl, Wolf, Miracles in December, Call Me Baby, Love Me Right, El Dorado, My Lady, Mama, History, XOXO, Run, 3.6.5, Peter Pan, Baby Don't Cry, Don't Go
  • f(x): Red Light, Rum Pum Pum Pum, Airplane
  • Amber: Shake that Brass, I Just Wanna
  • TaeYang: Eyes, Nose, Lips
  • INFINITE: Back
  • Girls' Generation: Gee, Dancing Queen, Baby Baby, Kissing You, Oh!, Run Devil Run, Genie, Catch Me If You Can, IGAB, Party, Mr. Mr., The Boys, Into the New World
  • Girls' Generation - TTS: Holler, Twinkle
  • Mad Clown: Fire
  • EXID: Up & Down, Ah Yeah
  • Red Velvet: Ice Cream Cake, Happiness, Be Natural, Automatic
  • 4minute: Crazy, Hot Issue
  • HI SUHYUN: I'm Different
  • After School: Dream Girl
  • Orange Caramel: Catallena

Favorite K-dramas:

  • My Lovely Sam Soon: June 1, 2005 = July 21, 2005
  • The Kings 2 Hearts: March 21, 2012 - May 24, 2012
  • Hi! School - Love On: July 11, 2014 - December 19, 2014
  • Pinocchio: November 12, 2014 - January 15, 2015
  • Hyde, Jekyll, Me: January 26, 2015 - March 26, 2015
  • School 2015: April 27, 2015 - June 16, 2015

Favorite K-variety shows:

  • Roommate: May 4, 2014 - April 15, 2015
  • Running Man: July 11, 2010 - present


2010 was the beginning of EVERY about Momusu and Hello Project. I was roaming around YouTube and I saw a video called YOROSEN! Mai Hagiwara English Lesson (Bonus). This video started my entire "addiction" to J-Pop. After that, I began to look at other Hello Project related videos from YouTube like Hello Morning, Utaban, etc (which unfortunately got removed from YouTube due to copyright.) Watching this would make my day because of how funny the episodes were. Back then, I didn't know they sang until 2011 when I actually knew that they were Morning Musume. I also thought that there was just one line-up, not changing line-ups. When I actually knew that the line-up I knew were mostly gone, I was really sad.... By 2012, I knew almost every thing about MoMusu and Hello Project. I would then put Momusu songs on my phone and listen it on the bus to school and back home. Mostly every where I go I would listen the J-pop.

2014-present Edit


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