Hello! My name is Katherine, and I am a huge Hello! Project fan! I love all of HP, but my favorite groups are ºC-ute, and ANGERME. My favorite sub-unit is Buono!, but I love the now disbanded W.  

I first discovered Hello!Project in late 2014, when I found about the existence of J-pop through anime. I googled japanese pop and the video for ºC-ute's Ooki na Ai de Motenshite came up. I discovered more ºC-ute videos, which lead to Berryz Koubou, then Morning Musume, then S/mileage, then Juice=Juice.  


  • Name: Katherine
  • Hobby: Reading, Television, Listening to Music, Hello! Project
  • Favorite Hello!Project Artists: ANGERME, ºC-ute
  • Favorite Era: Golden
  • Hello!Online: CaptainChisa ~

Favorite Members

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