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Upcoming (アプカミ), or Upcomi, is a web show featuring UP-FRONT GROUP artist recording sessions, round-table discussions, and non-Hello! Project performances. It is uploaded onto the official YouTube channel, which it took over from and replaced MUSIC+.

As of March 20, 2019, 30-minute episodes are uploaded every Thursday at 19:00 JST.[1]

The first episode was uploaded January 29, 2016.[2] When it began, the show was uploaded in a weekly episodic format on Fridays at 21:00 JST. Matsubara Takeshi, Okada Marina, and Hasegawa Moemi were also the the regular MCs until the April 2017 renewal, after which each episode had two different female artists as the MCs.[3] To accommodate people's viewing habits, the hour-length episodes and MCs were dropped after episode #128 in favor of uploading segmented videos on weekdays at 19:00 JST starting from August 2018.[4] The show reverted to 30-minute episodes on March 21, 2019, with an hour-long livestream aired on March 12 ahead of the renewal to discuss and preview the changes.[1]

On April 15, 2020, it was announced that Upcoming and tiny tiny would temporarily cease airing due to the government's declaration of emergency following the spread of COVID-19 getting worse. Instead, segments from the two shows were incorporated into a special compilation uploaded to the Hello! Project Station YouTube channel for the time being.[5] Episodes of all three web shows resumed on August 12, 2020.[6]

Featured Members[]

Hello! Project

Hello! Project
  • Shotaro (last featured: December 16, 2016)

Episodes / Videos[]

Year Number of Episodes / Videos Notes
2016 49 Episodes
  • The first episode was uploaded on January 29, 2016.[2]
2017 50 Episodes
2018 29 Episodes / 45 Videos
  • The episodic format was dropped beginning in August 2018. The last numbered episode was #128, uploaded on July 27, 2018.[4]
2019 1 Video / 41 Episodes
  • Upcoming returned to the episodic format on March 21, 2019, continuing from episode #129.[1]
2020 16 Special Compilations / 34 Episodes (ongoing)
  • There was no episode on January 2, 2020 due to the holiday break.[7]
  • In consideration of the health and safety of the performers and staff members working on Hello! Project Station, Upcoming, and tiny tiny due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a "special compilation" of all three web shows was uploaded onto the Hello! Project Station channel starting April 22, 2020 in place of regular episodes.[8] Episodes of all three web shows resumed on August 12, 2020.
2021 50 Episodes
2022 24 Episodes

Regular Segments[]

The numbers indicate when the segment was first and last featured.

  • [Ep. #1–61, #102–] Recording Footage Project (レコーディング映像企画; Recording Eizou Kikaku) / Upcoming Recording Picture
  • [Ep. #131–] Simulated Point of View (目線で疑似体験; Mesen de Giji Taiken)

  • [Ep. #1–128] Ending Talk (エンディングトーク)
  • [Ep. #3–55] Correspondence Corner (お便りコーナー; Otayori Corner)
  • [Ep. #62–106] Morning Musume 20th Anniversary Project (モーニング娘。20周年企画; Morning Musume 20 Shuunen Kikaku)
  • [Ep. #62–128] Upcoming: Recommended Products Introduction Corner (アプカミ:オススメ商品紹介コーナー; Upcomi: Osusume Shouhin Shoukai Corner)
  • [Ep. #62–128] UP-FRONT Affiliated Artists' Addictions, Obsessions, and Favorite Things Corner (アップフロント所属アーティストの今ハマっていること、こだわり、お気に入りを紹介するコーナー; UP-FRONT Shozoku Artist no Ima Hamatteiru Koto, Odawari, Oki ni Iru wo Shoukai Suru Corner)
  • [Ep. #67–128] Upcoming Music Delivery (Digital Music Corner) (アプカミ・ミュージック・デリバリー (音楽配信コーナー; Ongaku Haishin Corner))
  • [Ep. #100–128] Hello! Project 20th Anniversary Project (ハロー!プロジェクト20周年企画; Hello! Project 20 Shuunen Kikaku)

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