Up Up Girls (Kari) Live of All Songs ~Tachi Tsuzukeru Koto~
Up Up Girls (Kari) Concert Tour
Native title アップアップガールズ(仮) Live of All Songs ~立ち続ける事~
Event Date December 27, 2018
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Up Up Girls (Kari) Live of All Songs ~Tachi Tsuzukeru Koto~ (アップアップガールズ(仮) Live of All Songs ~立ち続ける事~) is Up Up Girls (Kari)'s all-songs live held on December 27, 2018 at Zepp Tokyo.[1] All 80 of the songs from their entire discography were performed on this night entirely in full chorus, though some were remixed or performed as a ballad. Chairs were provided, and there were two intermissions where new fans could buy tickets to join the audience.[2] The live ended up being eight hours long in total (six and a half hours excluding the intermissions), with an additional new song called Agenomics!! being performed at the end as a surprise.[3] Agenomics!! was announced to be one of the two a-sides of their 25th indies single set to be released on February 29, 2019.[4]

Also announced at this live was a solo live on February 10 called Up Up Girls (Kari) 5 to the 5th Power,[5] as well as a tour across five major cities starting on May 3, 2019 at Shinjuku BLAZE.[6]


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Concert ScheduleEdit

Date Venue Prefecture Doors Open Concert Starts
12/27 Zepp Tokyo Tokyo 13:30 14:00
  • Total: 1 Show, 3 Parts, 2 Intermissions (start times for parts 2 and 3 depend on when parts 1 and 2 end respectively)

Road to Live of All SongsEdit

On October 28, 2018, ahead of this all-songs live, the group held Up Up Girls (Kari) Road to Live of All Songs @Shinjuku BLAZE (アップアップガールズ(仮)Road to Live of All Songs@新宿BLAZE). All 80 of their songs were performed, but unlike the all-songs live, only short versions of the songs were performed, and the show was split up into two separate lives performed on the same night.[7] Both parts of the concert were live streamed on YouTube, with each part being a little over two hours long.[8]

Road to Live of All Songs SetlistEdit

  1. Ai Ai Fire!! (full)
  2. MC 1
  3. Going my ↑ (short)
  4. Barebare I LOVE YOU (full)
  5. Namen na! Ashi Girls (short)
  6. Marble Hero (full)
  7. MC 2
  8. Mechakyun♡Summer ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ (short)
  9. SAMURAI GIRLS (short)
  10. SAKURA DRIVE (short)
  11. Respect Tokyo (full)
  12. Beautiful Days! (short)
  13. Yuudachi! Through the Rainbow (short)
  14. Sutorera! ~Straight Up!~ (short)
  15. MC 3 - Saho Akari sings a short cover of Kimi to Iu Kasetsu
  16. Ginga Joujou Monogatari (short)
  17. Shooting Star (short)
  18. Starry Night (short)
  19. Burn the fire!! (short)
  20. End Of The Season (short)
  21. Ran Ran Ran (short)
  22. Cherry to Milk (short)
  23. Rainbow (short)
  24. Widol Seven (short)
  25. Natural Born Idol (short)
  26. Kakko Tsukete Ii Desho! (short)
  27. You're the best (short)
  28. GARIZUHAI (ガーリーズハイ) (short)
  29. Dateline (short)
  30. Ano Saka no Ue Made, (short)
  31. Beautiful Dreamer (short)
  32. !!!!!!!! (short)
  33. Next Stage (short)
  34. Cyalume (short)
  35. Party People Alien (short)
  36. Itadaki wo Mezase! (short)
  37. Shout!!!!!!! (short)
  38. YOLO (short)
  39. Future&Past! (short)
  40. (Kari) wa Kaesuze ☆ be your soul (short)
  41. FLASH (short)
  42. Summer Beam! (full)
  43. Upper Disco (full)
  44. Onegai Miwaku no Target (full)
  45. MC 4
  46. Watashitachi (with friend) (full)
  47. MC 5

  1. Ai Ai Fire!! (full)
  2. MC 1
  3. Ichiban Girls! 2017 (short)
  4. Kuchibiru wa Knife (short)
  5. Lady→GO! (short)
  6. Saikou Shy Girl (short)
  7. MC 2
  8. Joujou do Konjou (full)
  9. Zenryoku! Pump Up!! (short)
  10. UPPER ROCK (full)
  11. Bijo no Yajuu (short)
  12. MC 3 - Saho Akari sings a short cover of Cyalume
  13. Kira Kira Mirai (short)
  14. Seishun Buildup (short)
  15. Up&Up! (short)
  16. Party! Party! (short)
  17. Kono Melody wo Kimi to (short)
  18. Start Line (short)
  19. Seishun no Namida (short)
  20. Santa Claus (short)
  21. Up Ome!! ~Apuga no Oshougatsu da yo Zenin Shuugou!~ 2019ver. (short)
  22. ENJOY!! ENJO(Y)!! (short)
  23. Nijiiro Mosaic (full)
  24. Night Flight (short)
  25. Runway (short)
  26. Be a Girl (short)
  27. Nevermind! (full)
  28. Fighting Girls (short)
  29. Kattetainda yo (short)
  30. MC 4
  31. Hare☆HALation
  32. PROMISE TRAIN (short)
  33. Up Up Typhoon (short)
  34. KOMEDIUM (short)
  35. Way of Our Life (short)
  36. FOREVER YOUNG (short)
  37. Kimi to Iu Kasetsu (short)
  38. MC 5
  39. Uppercut! (short)
  40. Seven☆Peace (short)
  41. Survival Girls (short)
  42. Jumper! (short)
  43. Chopper☆Chopper (short)
  44. Appare (short)
  45. MC 6
  46. Watashitachi (with friend) (full)
  47. MC 7 - Ending

Road to Live of All Songs Concert ScheduleEdit

Date Venue Prefecture Doors Open Concert Starts
10/28 Shinjuku BLAZE Tokyo 13:30 14:00
17:30 18:00
  • Total: 2 Shows


  • Former member Sengoku Minami attended the show on December 27.[9]
  • In the months leading up to the show on December 27, the Up Up Girls official YouTube Channel uploaded videos of the members performing or recording the songs that were going to be performed at the show.[12]
    • Starting on October 8, 2018, member Saho Akari uploaded daily videos of her singing each of the 80 songs performed at the concert through her Twitter account using the hashtag #さほうた. [13]
    • Starting on October 30, 2018, member Mori Saki uploaded various videos to YouTube showing how she trained to prepare for the all-songs live.[14]
  • Only songs that were recorded with all of the members were performed. Abyssal Drop (Akari Saho Vocal Ver.)Show Time, and other solo songs from 4th Album (Kari) were not performed.
    • For songs that had multiple versions, only one of the versions was performed at the live.
    • Aside from Overture (Kari) NEO, other remixes or instrumental tracks were left out.
  • "GARIZUHAI" is an unreleased song that was first performed on April 6, 2013.[15] It is a rebuttal to the song "IDOL is DEAD" by BiS, and was unveiled during a collaboration live between the two groups.[16]
  • "Hare☆HALation" is a collaboration song between Up Up Girls (Kari) and HAL as Up Up Girls (HAL).[17]


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