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Unchain My Heart is the debut single of Miyoshi Chinatsu. The single was released on August 4, 1999, and failed to chart on the Oricon charts.

On the date of the single’s release, a concert called "LIVE!! Summer Nite Town 99" was held.[1] It was an outdoor concert with several artists from Hello! Project, which also was broadcast on TV. At this concert, Miyoshi was announced as a new singer and she introduced herself and sang her debut single.



Miyoshi Chinatsu - Unchain My Heart (MV) (partial)

Promotional Video (Partial)

Miyoshi Chinatsu promoting the single

Miyoshi Chinatsu promoting the single

  1. Unchain My Heart
  2. Namonaki Generation (名もなきGeneration; Nameless Generation)
  3. Unchain My Heart (Original Karaoke)

Concert Performances[]

Unchain My Heart

Single Information[]

(All credits for both songs)

  • Lyrics: AKA$AKA
  • Composition and Arrangement: Sanada Kaoru
  • Computer Programming & E. Bass: Yamamoto Tomokazu
  • Guitar: Tachikawa Toshiaki
  • Keyboard & Backing Vocal: Nawata Ako
  • Manipulator: Fukuzawa Jun
  • Recording & Mixing: Fujiwara Satoru



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