Tsuno Maisa (津野米咲) was a Japanese guitarist and songwriter. She was the guitarist, backing vocalist, and leader of the all-female band Akai Koen.[1]

Tsuno liked idols and was a Hello! Project fan, mostly in support of ℃-ute.[2] She began writing songs for various Hello! Project groups in 2016.

Tsuno passed away on October 18, 2020.[3]

Biography[edit | edit source]

Tsuno Maisa was born on October 2, 1991 in Tokyo, Japan. Her grandfather, Tsuno Yoji, and her father, Tsuno Goji, are both songwriters, her grandmother was in Takarazuka, her mother plays the piano, her oldest brother plays the guitar, and her second older brother plays the drums.[4]

Due to her musical roots, Tsuno grew up listening to a lot of music of different genres; in addition to pop, she listened to The Carpenters, Simon & Garfunkel, Earth, Wind & Fire, Pavement, Oda Kazumasa, Matsutoya Yumi, Mr.Children, and classical composers such as Tchaikovsky and Claude Debussy.[5][6] She learned to play the electone at 3 or 4 years old, and she only started playing the guitar in her first year of high school.[5] At one point Tsuno also played in a brass band.[7]

In 2010, the band Akai Koen was formed by Sato Chiaki, Fujimoto Hikari, Utagawa Naho, and Tsuno, who was one year above them, as members of their high school's light music club.[8] After she graduated from high school, Tsuno's parents planned to move to Osaka, but she decided to stay behind.[9] Since then, she has become the band's leader and is responsible for writing and producing their songs.[8]

Tsuno drew attention in 2013 when she wrote the lyrics and composition for SMAP's 50th single "Joy!!".[10]

On October 19, 2020, it was announced that Tsuno has died. According to the people around, she was found unconscious in a house in Suginami, Tokyo, on the 18th and was confirmed dead in the hospital where she was transported. The Metropolitan Police Department is currently investigating the detailed situation, but based in the situation of the scene, it is currently considered to be suicide.[3]

Profile[edit | edit source]

  • Birth Name: Tsuno Maisa (津野米咲)
  • Birth Date: October 2, 1991
  • Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
  • Date of Death: October 18, 2020 (aged 29)
  • Place of Death: Tokyo, Japan
  • Western Zodiac: Libra
  • Eastern Zodiac: Goat

Song Credits[edit | edit source]

Buono![edit | edit source]

℃-ute[edit | edit source]

  • Yume (lyrics, composition)

Kobushi Factory[edit | edit source]

  • TEKI (lyrics, composition)

Morning Musume[edit | edit source]

Suzuki Airi[edit | edit source]

  • Hikari no Hou e (collaboration with Suzuki Airi as Akai Koen; lyrics, composition, arrangement)

Tsubaki Factory[edit | edit source]

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