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Tsuki to Taiyou (DDI Pocket Special Edition) (月と太陽 (DDI Pocket Special Edition); The Moon And The Sun (DDI Pocket Special Edition)) is a promotional CD release by the Hello! Project group Taiyou to Ciscomoon featuring the commercial song "Tsuki to Taiyou" for Daini Denden DDI Pocket (第二電電 (DDIポケット)). It came with a flyer containing ringtone-codes.

This version of "Tsuki to Taiyou" is different from the one released on the commercial CD single, and it instead sounds like a demo with cell phone sounds and messages from the four girls. The booklet has the subtitle "Prologue 4-nin Rusuden Message "Tsuki to Taiyou" Special Edition".


  1. Tsuki To Taiyou (月と太陽; The Sun And The Moon)

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