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Tokyo Bijin (東京美人; Tokyo Beauty) is Nakazawa Yuko's seventh single. It was released on August 28, 2002. It sold 13,560 copies in its first week and 16,860 copies overall.




Tokyo Bijin (MV)

  1. Tokyo Bijin
  2. Klaxon (クラクション; Car Horn)
  3. Tokyo Bijin (Instrumental)

Single Information[]

Tokyo Bijin

TV Performances[]

  • [2002.08.29] Music Station
  • [2002.08.30] Utaban

Concert Performances[]

Tokyo Bijin


Nakazawa's comment about the single, in a 2008-interview:[1]

"This is the song that changed my direction of career.

Until I received this song, I was honestly losing the purpose of singing. I was also losing confidence and I was about to give up my career. When I was feeling this way, I received this song. I did my own solo live for the first time, and the concert’s director was the same director as Moritaka Chisato's. So I received lessons from him during rehearsals. In terms of singing, he gave me so many great advices like, “No Nakazawa, that’s not it. That wasn’t quite it” etc. I was practicing the song over and over. After the lessons, I suddenly felt joy in singing once again. And I began falling in love with this song. I was able to sing this song. I know something has changed inside me.

I love the CD cover as well as the music video. I really felt a destiny for this song. And that’s why I try not to sing it all the time at live performance. It’s such an important song for me that I am keeping it deep inside me as a secret treasure. Look at my photos [from the photo shoot] from “Tokyo Bijin”. Don’t I look really cold and unapproachable? I look extremely determined. My eyes seem to be saying, “I’m going to show you what I’ve got.” (lol) How should I describe them? It’s not like, “Come and fight against me.” But my eyes are so piercing. If I feel that way by looking at my own photo, I wonder what others were thinking."



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