tiny tiny
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Hello! Project Web Show
Episodes 114 (ongoing)
Run Dates October 26, 2017 - present
Run Time Thursdays, 21:00 (until ep. #39)
Fridays, 19:00 (as of ep. #40)
Network YouTube
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Previous Girls Night Out
Concurrent Hello! Project Station
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tiny tiny is a lifestyle web show featuring Hello! Project OG members and active Hello! Project members. Episodes are uploaded onto the official YouTube channel.

The first episode was uploaded on October 26, 2017. Episodes were originally uploaded on Thursdays at 21:00 JST, but as of August 2018, they are uploaded on Fridays at 19:00 JST.[1]

The hosts are Sharam Q's Makoto, who is known for being the longtime MC of Hello! Project concerts and events, and Kato Noriko, who was a MC during the early to mid-2000s. The show's concept is to deliver "small pleasures that would unexpectedly become a great source of happiness and brighten the lives of viewers".[2] Every week they will bring on a Hello! Project OG member as guest and have corners in which active Hello! Project members will appear.[3]

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Year Number of Episodes
2017 10 Episodes
2018 51 Episodes
2019 51 Episodes
2020 2 Episodes (ongoing)


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