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    Hi Pyopyo !

    I need help :o I want change all headers in blue color instead of mint green. 

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    • Not Pyo-kiyo, but you have to edit Template:HeadingA.

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    • Hi, I went ahead and did some changes to the templates myself, but if you want feel free to choose another colour.


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    • awww thank you ookii and Pyopyo !!! perfect ! :3 Is it possible to change links in white in the home page ? because it's still black XD

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    • It has been taken care of.  =D

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    • thanks :3 

      I hope everyone loves it. XD

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    • You are welcome!  =D I hope so as well.

      By the way... you watch Produce48?

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    • Yes :D

      I never been a fan of AKB but this tv show is just awesome so yes ! :D

      how about you ?

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    • Well, I just happend to pass the Produce48 thread at H!O, and the comments make me half-interested in watching it, so I tried, lol. And when episode 2 came I watched it as well and thought it was quite good.

      But then... episode 3 arrived and I was blown by a special performance of one trainee - or her high notes with such ease to be more specific - I think you know who I am talking about. XD It was so unexpected and made me look forward to the next episode so much!

      So yep, I'm in as well! =D

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    • You are talking about Yabuki Nako, right ?! :D I like her !!! She got 330 votes + 1000 add. votes !!!!!!! so pround :3

      I'm also so happy the Boombayah team 2 won ! ;0; They worked so hard ! Chiba Erii is my fav :3

      I can't wait episoide 5 for the chair ranking ! I'm not an AKB fan but I will be a fan of the final group ! 

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    • Yes, I am! She did an amazing job!!! I couldn't believe that she got an F at the beginning.

      Watching Boombayah team 2 breaking into tears when they "were targetted" as the girls-no-one-picked was... so sad. And seeing them nearly give up was even harder. I'm so glad the trainers encouraged them to do their best, and the leader did a great job as well - both behind the scenes and then on the stage. =D From this team Sato Minami and Asai Nanami caughed my eye too.

      From the other groups I was also impressed by the main vocalist from Peek-a-Boo team 2!

      Edit: Watching it again, the whole Peek-a-Boo team 2 was great!!! But Hong Ye-ji was the best! (Btw, I'm very bad at remembering the Korean girls' names, lol.)

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    • Indeed !! :O

      Yeah, It was so sad ;0; poor babies  ! Asai Nanami's korean prononciation was perfect ! I thought she was Korean XD

      Me too !!! Ye-ji is my fav' *0*

      Can you make a ranking of your fav' ? ;) 

      I ordered the pink t-shirt XD I couldn't resist... 

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    • You mean ranking as in all of the girls together? If yes... then I think it may be impossible for me right now, lol. 

      Wait... Ye-ji got originally B but then got moved to F?!? (I'm just looking at the wikipedia table...) I'll need to look back and try to see why that happened...

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    • Oh ok don't worry ;) 

      yeah I can't believe it ;0; She deserves A ! 

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    • A FANDOM user
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