• Hey Pyo-kiyo, thanks for stepping in and taking care of the navigation bar. I already miss the extra levels, that was one of my favorite ways to get around this place. Before noticing the change I was literally halfway through writing a message about how some former groups should be listed up there so navigating to the more specific pages about them would be easier too.

    I guess putting up with unexpected changes is just one of the downsides of using a place like Wikia. The extra levels were only possible with an add-on before; I'll have to keep my eyes open for something similar in the future.

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    • Actually, it turns out that will be impossible. In one of their Wise Decisions they've decided to prevent navbars from being modified like the old extended navigation thing, because having further levels is bad design and bad experience for users. asdfasdioafioasdfioasdfjasdiofjasdo;f;

      Also you'll notice the clock is gone. asfr40u89[23r4wfF

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    • No problem, I hope I got there everything important. My reaction to the new navigation could be summed up as: "Wow, it looks cool! ... but wait, the clock is gone!!!" I personally am going to miss the clock more than the extra levels (lol), eventhough they were very good for quick access.

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    • It might still be possible to put the clock on the front page or something, though I'm not immediately sure how--for the old one I just had to take existing clock code and figure out where to make a few tweaks to change the time zone.

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