• r u sure those worn't the dance shots? thats the link for  watashi ga iu mae ni dakishinmenakya ne i  know samidare was a mirrored ver but that was all i could fine so i decied to add it anyways if u want take a closer look at those cuz those were the dance shot except for for samidare(well it is but it's mirrored) anyways i won't put them back in case i'm wrong but please look at them again and let know wat u think :)

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    • I did look at them and you are right. They are the dance shots for the memorial edit. When I was editing (I edit in source mode) the file names made it sound like they were dance shots for the original versions. I later checked and yeah... Also, I was confused because there are no official dance shots for those on the Juice=Juice YouTube channel.

      Sorry for the mistake and inconvinence :)

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    • Actually, the Samidare video you posted wasn't the memorial edit...

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    • Oh, I only looked over the Watashi ga Iu mae ni dakishimenakya ne one. That one definitely was dance shot.

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    • Maopyon wrote:
      Actually, the Samidare video you posted wasn't the memorial edit...

      it wasn't.....

      well to be honest i was have asleep when i uploaded them so yah sorry about that :) ya i just looked at it my bad...

      @Riyu-Hime that's all right we all make a mistake or two from time to time so don't worry about it :)

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    • Don't worry about it. XD (both of you) That's why this site is like a team of its own. :)

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    • A FANDOM user
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