• And your blog is no longer on private... hehe, I feel like such a stalker but it made me happy to see just one little contribution from you. I miss you, Kica-chaaaannnn! I hope you're doing okay. Love ya! <3

    I apologize for the random message I just got excited and I was thinking about you not too long ago so...yeah...

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    • I kinda wondered if the recent anon contributor who has been making multiple edits is Kica... :s Activity is similar to hers and he/she did edit this page...

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    • (who I have started thinking of a "Suikoden" due to the 108 thing) has been editing a long time, including at times when Peachygotit-Kica was around, and was unable to be around.

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    • I was just saying that because as Kica there was a recent renaming of a page (a UUG single), while soon after, anon 108 started editing every UUG related pages.

      I need to stop imagining things. XD

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