• Hi!

    I saw you upadted the Taiyo to Ciscomoon page, adding year to their label and agency:

    |agency = UP-FRONT AGENCY (1999–2000)

    They released another album in 2008 under zetima, and promoted it even going on a tour which got a dvd release in 2009 issued by UP-FRONT WORKS. Do you think that hsould be added as well, so that it is written like this?:

    |agency = UP-FRONT AGENCY (1999–2000, 2008-2009)

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    • I think instead of having the agency updated with the tour and album info, it should maybe be |label = UP-FRONT WORKS (1999–2000, 2008-2009)
      zetima (1999–2000, 2008-2009), since they technically didn't sign back with UP-FRONT AGENCY, but they released stuff under the zetima and UP-FRONT WORKS labels?

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