• About the AISHING FAIRY page and just in general - You should follow the way other pages on the wiki do things. Specifically, for references, you don't need to copy big excerpts of the original blog/tweet into the references - all you need is the title, link, date, and where it's from. Also, you don't need the sup around references either. 

    Side note: the wiki uses "" not «»

    (This is just advice tho, you don't have to take it if you don't want to).

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    • Thanks for the feedback :)

      I included what I thought was needed in case the web page/twitter/blog is deleted. I'll use title, link, date, and where it's from from now on.

      I can see that it is better to use one style, so I'll stick to "" from now on. The «» is from my old (dead) page about h!poldschool. I had a newer version, but it is now lost, and I don't wanna create a new page from scratch, so I try to get the older pages at this wikia up to speed (using the info from waybackmachine from my old site from 2015)..

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    • It wouldn't hurt to keep the excerpts somewhere hidden in case the original pages get deleted, but when displaying on the page, you only need the title, link, date, and where it's from. 

      It's cool that you're getting all the older pages up to speed though! 

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    • Thank you :)

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    • A FANDOM user
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