• Hi Pyopyo !

    Need help here ! I can't figure out how to bring the slider on the main page !

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    • It should be there now..? =D

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    • Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

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    • You're welcome.

      BTW, an idea came to me after I "updated" the wiki poll. It's been a while since we grouped members not by their groups but by thier member colours. Maybe it would be fun to do it again?

      Red - Wada A., Kanazawa, Kaede, Yamazaki, Akiyama
      Orange - Katsuta, Dambara, Kiyono, Haga, Ogata, Ise
      Yellow - Yokoyama, Takagi, Sasaki, Kishimoto, Eguchi
      Light Green/Yellow Green - Ikuta, Yamaki, Funaki, Yamagishi
      Green - Uemura, Wada S., Kobayashi, Ota
      Mint/Emerald/Turquise - Takase, Sato, Ono, Hirose, Kamikokuryo
      Blue - Ishida, Takeuchi, Nomura, Ozeki, Yanagawa, Satoyoshi
      Light Blue - Murota, Niinuma, Ichioka, Maeda
      Purple - Miyamoto, Nonaka, Inoue, Hirai
      Light Purple - Oda, Tanimoto, Kawamura, Shikamura
      Hot Pink - Fukumura, Kasahara, Inaba, Nishida
      Pink - Miyazaki, Hamaura, Onoda, Okamura
      Light Pink/White - Nakanishi, Makino, Asakura, Morito

      Anyway, if you'd want to the the KSS, I'd suggest splitting the current line-up into two parts, since 14 is rather large number for one poll?

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    • Sure, it's a good idea ;)  

      You are right let's split the line-up :) or just gonna remove HPKH ! 

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    • A FANDOM user
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