The correct title of this article is Teichiku DVD Karaoke Super 10 #142. The substitution or omission of the # is due to technical restrictions.

Teichiku DVD Karaoke Super 10 #142 (テイチクDVDカラオケ Super 10 #142) is a DVD compilation album issued by Teichiku Records. This release feature specially made karaoke music videos sung by other performers (providing guide vocals) than the originals (with the exception of track #9 and #10). "Hanasanaide" by Shoko Mana, and Tokyo, Yoimachigusa." by Maeda Yuki are the original promotional music videos by the original artists.

Tracklist Edit

  1. Anata to Ikiru (あなたと生きる) Original by: Junko Ishihara
  2. Yume Senri (夢千里) Original by Kim Yon-Ja
  3. Onna no Shunjuu (女の春秋) Original by Satoko Moriwaka
  4. Sayonara Sanbashi (サヨナラ桟橋) Original by Natsumi Kawano
  5. Tomo no Shouchuu (友の焼酎) Original by Aki Yashiro
  6. Kimi (君) Original by Chiyoko Shimakura
  7. Tokyo Amennaka (東京雨ん中) Original by Satoko Yamamoto
  8. Sakuradzuki (桜月) Original by Miyuki Tateyama
  9. Tokyo, Yoimachigusa. by Maeda Yuki
  10. Hanasanaide (離さないで) by Shoko Mana


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