The correct title of this article is Teichiku DVD Karaoke Super 10 #107. The substitution or omission of the # is due to technical restrictions.

Teichiku DVD Karaoke Super 10 #107
DVD cover
Compilation DVD by Maeda Yuki
Native title テイチクDVDカラオケ Super 10 #107
Released January 24, 2001
Genre Enka, Kaiyoukyoku
Format DVD, LD, VCD, CDG
Singles from Teichiku DVD Karaoke Super 10 #107
1. Tokyo You Turn

Teichiku DVD Karaoke Super 10 #107 (テイチクDVDカラオケ Super 10 #107) is a DVD compilation album issued by Teichiku Records. On the same date (and with the same track listing), Teichiku issued the compilations on Laser Disc (10 Kyoku-iri LD Karaoke (10曲入りLDカラオケ)), on VCD (Onta Club (音多倶楽部)) and as a CDG (Onta GOLD 10 (音多GOLD・10)).

This release feature specially made karaoke music videos sung by other performers than the originals (with the exception of track #4 and #7). "Tokyo Yuki ga Furu" by Cheuni, and "Tokyo You Turn" by Maeda Yuki are the original promotional music videos by the original artists.

Tracklist Edit

  1. Jinsei Michi (人生道; Way of Life) Original by: Saburo Kitajima, Vocals by 加段茂平
  2. Ryuuhyou Aika (流氷哀歌; Elegy of Drifting Ice) Original by Sachiko Kobayashi, Vocals by Toshie Fujino
  3. Aniki (兄貴) Original by Jirou Kanmuri, Vocals by 加段茂平
  4. Tokyo Yuki ga Furu (Tokyoに雪が降る; Snow Is Falling on Tokyo) by Cheuni
  5. Ukigusa no Yado (浮草の宿; Inn of Floating Grass) Original by Yuko Oka, Vocals by Toshie Fujino
  6. Hitori Musume (ひとり娘; My Only Daughter) Original by Yaeko Yamamoto, Vocals by 山代まり子
  7. Izuko e (何処へ; To Where) Original by Shin Kouda, Vocals by 松尾勝彦
  8. Tokyo You Turn by Maeda Yuki
  9. Ai ni Tsukarete -Love Is Blind- (愛に疲れて〜ラブ・イズ・ブラインド〜; Exhausted by Love) Original by Yuki Kadokura, Vocals by 水野昌子
  10. Aishuu Banka (愛愁挽歌; Mourning Song About Love And Heartache) Original by Hiroko Hattori, Vocals by Tsukasa Sawa

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