Teenage Dream
Album by Heike Michiyo
Released March 25, 1998
Genre J-pop
Format CD
Recorded 1997–1998
Length 44:18
Label WEA Japan
Producer Hatake
Heike Michiyo Albums Chronology
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Singles from Teenage Dream
1. GET
2. Sotsugyou ~TOP OF THE WORLD~

Teenage Dream is Heike Michiyo's first original album, released on March 25, 1998. It was also the first album made within Hello! Project.

The album sold 9,270 copies and peaked at #50 on the Oricon weekly charts.


  1. Start!
  2. Skip (スキップ)
  3. Onna no Evolution (オンナのエボリューション; Evolution of a Woman)
  4. Prepare
  5. Furimukanaide (ふりむかないで; Don't Turn Around)
  6. GET
  7. Hitorigurashi (ひとりぐらし; Living Alone)
  8. Akai Tsuki (赤い月; Blood Moon)
  9. Sotsugyou ~TOP OF THE WORLD~ 
  10. Teenage Dream (Instrumental)
  11. Hey! Hey! Girls Soul

Album InformationEdit

Teenage dream

Heike Michiyo promoting the album

  1. Start!
  2. Skip
  3. Onna no Evolution
  4. Prepare
  5. Furmukanaide
  6. GET
  7. Hitorigurashi
  8. Akai Tsuki
  9. Sotsugyou ~TOP OF THE WORLD~
  10. Teenage Dream
    • Composition and Arrangement: Hatake
  11. Hey!Hey!Girls Soul

Concert PerformancesEdit

Akai Tsuki
Hey! Hey! Girls Soul


  • First press came in a cardboard case.
  • In the booklet there is a written message from Heike: "Thank you very much for listening to "Teenage Dream" till the end. So many dreams and hopes from my childhood went into this album, which was 1 . The dreams and hopes in this album are not only mine but also for the staff and artists who worked with me throughout the process as well as for the fan like yours. May every single one of your dreams and hopes come true…! Teenage Dream Michiyo Heike 1998-3-25"

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