Tatakae!! Cyborg Shibata 3 (闘え!!サイボーグしばた3; Fight!! Cyborg Shibata 3) is a direct-to-DVD sequel of the comedy masterpiece Cyborg Shibata. Cyborg Shibata started out as a segment on the Hello! Project TV show Idol wo Sagase!, and spawned two direct-to-DVD sequels. This release in 2005, and Shin Cyborg Shibata!! in 2004.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Her name is Shibata Ayumi. She was reconstructed by a mad scientist. All her skills are powered up ten times, and now she is called "Cyborg girl". And she will fight in every situation, that has no relation to the future of mankind, peace or justice.

Tracklist[edit | edit source]

  1. Furidashi (ふりだし)
  2. Arasuji (あらすじ)
  3. Saisai Shidou!? Fumetsu no Mad Scientist-tachi (再々始動!?不滅のマッドサイエンティストたち)
  4. Damatte Washi ni Tsuite Koi!? (だまってワシについて来い!?)
  5. Uwasa no Sexy Bakery!? (うわさのセクシーベーカリー!?)
  6. Akuma no You na Aitsu!? (悪魔のようなあいつ!?)
  7. Senritsu no Lorelei (戦慄のローレライ!?)
  8. Shibata yo Eien ni... (しばたよ永遠にっ…)
    1. Shibata yo Eien ni... Tsudzuki (しばたよ永遠にっ…続き)
    2. Ikkai Yasumi (CM Tokuhou Eizou-shuu) Tsudzuki (一回休み〔CM・特報映像集〕)
    3. Ikkai Yasumi (CM Tokuhou Eizou-shuu) Tsudzuki (一回休み〔CM・特報映像集〕続き)
    4. Ikkai Yasumi (CM Tokuhou Eizou-shuu) Tsudzuki (一回休み〔CM・特報映像集〕続き)
    5. Ikkai Yasumi (CM Tokuhou Eizou-shuu) Tsudzuki (一回休み〔CM・特報映像集〕続き)
  9. Agari (Making Eizou) あがり〔メイキング映像〕

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