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Tanabe Nanami (田辺奈菜美; real name 田邉奈菜美) is a Japanese pop singer. She is a former member of Hello! Project as a former Hello Pro Kenshuusei and former member of Shugo Chara Egg!. She joined Hello Pro Egg after winning the Shugo Chara! Amulet Diamond Audition.[1] She performed live action segments with the other members of Shugo Chara Egg! on Shugo Chara! Party.

From September 2015 till June 25, 2021, she was a member of the vocal and dance unit OnePixcel under Toho Entertainment.


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Early Life[]

Tanabe Nanami was born on November 10, 1999 in Kanagawa, Japan.


In 2009, Tanabe participated in the Shugo Chara Egg! Amulet Diamond Audition and was publicly announced as the new Amulet Diamond for the group Shugo Chara Egg! on December 11.[1] On the following day, December 12, she was introduced as the newest addition during Shugo Chara Party!. On December 15, Tanabe participated in her first live event at Yokohama BLITZ.[2] Tanabe would then join Hello Pro Egg as the sole 9th generation member, but was not formally introduced as a new member until February 2010. On February 13, 2010, Tanabe participated in her first Hello Pro Egg event, Hello Pro Egg Delivery Station 06.

On April 2010, Tanabe became a regular for the Fuji TV variety show We Can☆ as a member of We Can☆Girls.


In summer 2012, Tanabe auditioned in the Morning Musume 11ki Member "Suppin Utahime" Audition for an opportunity to join Morning Musume, but was not chosen to enter the group.

From September 23 to November 10, Tanabe and 4 other Hello Pro Kenshuusei members participated in the S/mileage Live Tour 2012 Aki ~Choi Kawa Banchou~ as the "Challange Act".[3][4] On September 20, it was announced that Hello Pro Kenshuusei would be releasing their first single, "Kanojo ni Naritai!!!", on October 27 during the same tour.[5] In the single, Tanabe is one of the lead vocalists.


On January 27, Kaneko Rie, Miyamoto Karin, Tanabe Nanami, Hamaura Ayano, Ogawa Rena and Murota Mizuki participated as an opening act for the Morning Musume's mini live event at Senri SELCY Square in Osaka to promote the single "Help me!!". The selected trainees sang "Kanojo ni Naritai!!!" and were back-dancers for "LOVE Machine".

On February 23, Tanabe participated as a back-dancer for Mano Erina's graduation concert.

On March 5, Tanabe, Kaneko Rie and Taguchi Natsumi participated in a fanclub event for Kanazawa Tomoko and Kishimoto Yumeno.

From April 4 to April 9, Nanami participated in the stage play Ikinuku Kiseki ~Juu Nenme no Negai~.

On May 5, Tanabe participated in the Hello Pro Kenshuusei Happyoukai 2013 ~Haru no Koukai Jitsuryoku Shindan Test~ event, where every trainee (excluding Juice=Juice members) were tested in both dance and singing, and the audience will vote for their favorite performance. Tanabe was #9 and performed "Campus Life ~Umarete Kite Yokatta~" by ℃-ute. At the end of the event, it was revealed that Tanabe won public vote.

On June 13, Tanabe participated in a release event for "Ten Made Nobore!" at Ikebukuro Sunshine city with Juice=Juice, Hamaura Ayano, Murota Mizuki and Sasaki Rikako.


From March 14 to March 23, Tanabe participated in the musical Bokutachi Karen na Shounen Gasshoudan along with Yasuda Kei, Ogawa Makoto and 7 other trainees. On opening day, the Hello Pro Kenshuusei single "Karen na Gasshoudan" was released to promote the musical.

From June 5 to June 15, Tanabe participated in the musical LILIUM -Lilium Shoujo Junketsu Kageki- along with selected Morning Musume '14 members, S/mileage, and fellow trainees Kaga Kaede and Sasaki Rikako. She played the role of Jasmine, one of the followers of Princess Marguerite played by Sato Masaki.

On November 4, it was revealed that Tanabe had completed her training as Hello Pro Kenshuusei, leaving Hello! Project.[6][7]


On September 19, Tanabe joined a 4-member vocal and dance unit called OnePixcel.


On August 6, Tanabe participated in the C-ute Daisuki Stage at TIF 2017, where she and various idols performed with Okai Chisato.


On September 10, Tanabe met up again with Suzuki Airi on AbemaTV's Suzuki Airi no Kayou The NIGHT.


On June 25, 2021, OnePixcel disbanded (announced on March 29, 2021), and Tanabe will stay in the entertainment business.

Personal Life[]

She has an older brother and sister.

When Tanabe joined Hello Pro Egg, she was a fourth year elementary school student. She graduated from high school in March 2018.

While in Hello! Project, Tanabe most notably got along with Miyamoto Karin and their pairing name was "Nanarin" (ななりん).

  • Tanapyon (たなぴょん): Official nickname, given her since Hello Pro Egg.


  • Specialty: Flipping omlettes, Amazing inner thigh
  • Hobbies: Read mobile novel
  • Motto: "Nakitai toki wa warau" (泣きたい時は笑う; Laugh when you want to cry)
  • Favorite Food: Sushi, Takuan, Cucumbers[9], Ham[9]
  • Favorite Color: Pink, Light Blue, White, Black
  • Favorite Sports: Basketball
  • Favorite Subject: Home Economics,[9] Math[10]
  • Favorite Hello! Project Song: "Campus Life ~Umarete Kite Yokatta~",[9] "Haru Beautiful Everyday",[11] "Shiroi TOKYO",[11] "Onegai Miwaku no Target"[11]
  • Looks Up To: Suzuki Airi[9], Michishige Sayumi[11]

  • Publications[]


    Img20121023151249167.jpg2013102113-a1679.jpgMagazine, Tanabe Nanami-428942.jpgHamaura Ayano, Magazine, Sasaki Rikako, Tanabe Nanami-441547.jpgB89za5D.jpgHamaura Ayano, Magazine, Sasaki Rikako, Tanabe Nanami-445830.jpgDCR9sSK.jpg
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    TV Programs[]

    • [2009-2010] Shugo Chara Party! (しゅごキャラ パーティー!) (as host Amulet Dia)
    • [2010-2011] We Can☆ (part of the "WeCan☆Girls")
    • [2013-2014] ~Onedari Entame!~ Hapi★Pure

    TV Dramas[]

    New drama.jpg


    • [2010] PIZZA-LA





    • Her dream was to debut in Hello! Project and perform in large venues for a lot of fans.
    • She didn't know anything about Hello! Project when she joined Hello Pro Egg.
    • She had said that when she first became an idol, she couldn't do anything at all: singing, dancing, talking, acting or expressing.
    • In the March 2014 issue of Gekkan Entame, she was ranked the best singer and 3rd most reliable in Hello Pro Kenshuusei.[12]
    • Tanabe said on We Can☆ that she wants two hamsters (a big one and a small one) as her pets.
    • In Team Okai, she covered Sato Masaki.
    • Her rivals within Hello Pro Kenshuusei were Yoshihashi Kurumi, Hamaura Ayano and Taguchi Natsumi. She says they can all sing and dance pretty well and it would be bad for her to lose to them since they joined after her.
    • When she was asked how she felt about the trainees who got to debut into Juice=Juice, she said that while she wanted to congratulate them, she was bothered as to why they got to debut before she did and wondered what they had that she didn't.


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    Honorary Titles[]

    Honorary Titles
    Preceded by
    Miyamoto Karin
    Youngest member of Hello Pro Egg
    2009 – 2011
    Succeeded by
    Taguchi Natsumi
    Preceded by
    Oldest member of OnePixcel
    2015 – 2021
    Succeeded by

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