Tamura Meimi (田村芽実) was a member of Hello! Project as a second-generation member of ANGERME. She was first introduced at the Hello! Project 2011 Summer ~Nippon no Mirai wa WOW WOW Live~ concert on August 14, 2011.

She graduated from ANGERME and Hello! Project on May 30, 2016.


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Early Life

Tamura Meimi was born on October 30, 1998 in Gunma, Japan to a couple whose names are undisclosed.


In August, Tamura participated in Shugo Chara! the Musical as Yuiki Yaya. She worked alongside her future co-members Wada Ayaka, Maeda Yuuka, and Fukuda Kanon around this time.


On August 14, Tamura Meimi was announced as a S/mileage sub-member at the Hello! Project 2011 SUMMER ~Nippon no mirai wa WOW WOW Live~ concert

On September 15th, Tamura posted her first blog post on the S/mileage Sub-member's official blog, and called it "Heart Pounding"

On October 16th, Tamura, along with the other S/mileage sub-members, were announced as official members, becoming second generation members.


On May 13, information was released about an event for the 9th and 10th generation members of Morning Musume as well as S/mileage’s 2nd generation members, titled Mosuma FC Event ~Gachi☆Kira~, was set to take place on June 15th, 18th, and 20th at Yokohama Blitz.


On April 14, S/mileage 2nd Generation had a fanclub event.

On October 12, Tamura Meimi's grandmother passed away.

On October 29, Tamura had an event to celebrate her 15th birthday. The special event was called S/mileage ~Tamura Meimi Birthday Event 2013~, the event featured two performances in Tokyo. It also featured many games and a mini-live.


On October 31, Tamura celebrated her 16th birthday. The special event was called S/mileage ~Tamura Meimi Birthday Event 2014~, the event featured two performances in Tokyo.


On December 3, Tamura celebrated her 17th birthday. The special event was called ANGERME Tamura Meimi Birthday Event 2015, and featured two performances in Tokyo.

On December 20, during the ANGERME FC Event 2015 ~Hitoashi Osaki ni Miracle Xmas~, Tamura Meimi announced she will graduate from ANGERME and Hello! Project in the spring of 2016. She explained she wants to start over and become a singer, as well as pursue her dream of becoming a musical actress.

Comment by Tamura Meimi[1]
To everyone who supports us

I, Meimi Tamura, will graduate from ANGERME and Hello! Project during 2016 spring.

I have been a Hello! Project idol for 4 years and a half, since I became S/mileage. This year, I have been able to do this hall tour, and perform successfully 2 times as 9 members at the Nippon Budokan. Fukuda Kanon-san also graduated and we have welcomed a new member so this year was really full.

With all of this, I want to follow my own challenge! This feeling became little by little stronger. And during ANGERME’s activities, many people told me they like when I sing, and every time I heard those words, I thought about always singing.

Then, about one of my other dreams… I would like to be a musical actress. After this nice dream realized of becoming a S/mileage member, I would like to have a new start and fulfill this new dream.

I am anxious about some points, but I made this decision thanks to all the fans. S/mileage grew up as ANGERME. As ANGERME’s member, I have been proud that I performed as a Hello! Project idol.

I will cherish the remaining time I have as an ANGERME’s member and I will continue to try my best harder than ever! Please continue to support ANGERME, as well as Meimi Tamura!

20th December 2015
Tamura Meimi


On January 2, the first day of the Hello! Project 2016 WINTER ~DANCING! SINGING! EXCITING!~ concert tour, the Tamura's graduation date was announced to be May 30 and would be held at Nippon Budokan at the end of the ANGERME Concert Tour 2016 Haru "Kyuui Ittai".

On May 28, Tamura held a solo live event titled ANGERME Tamura Meimi Solo Special Live, featuring three performance at Harajuku Quest Hall. Fans could get an invitation to the event by purchasing a special "Tsugitsugi Zokuzoku / Itoshima Distance / Koi Nara Tokku ni Hajimatteru" box set via Pony Canyon.[2][3]

On May 30, Tamura graduated ANGERME at Nippon Budokan.

Personal Life

Tamura's mother was a Troupe Organizer, and acted at Gunma Prefecture in Japan.[4] Tamura has an older sister named Tamura Karen. She also has two pet dogs named Pon-chan and Non-chan. On October 12, 2013, Tamura’s grandmother passed away.[5]

When she auditioned for S/mileage, Tamura was a 1st year middle school student. As of April 2016, she is currently attending her last year of high school.

The following list are notable friendships Tamura Meimi has acquired:

Here is a list of nicknames that was used to refer to Tamura Meimi:

  • Meimei (めいめい): Official nickname, given her since joining S/mileage. Used by members and fans.
  • Meimin (めいみん): Second official nickname, given her since joining S/mileage. Used by members and fans.
  • Tamu (たむ): An abbreviation for Tamura.


  • Name: Tamura Meimi (田村芽実)
  • Nickname: Meimei (めいめい), Meimin (めいみん), Tamu (たむ), Tamutamu (たむたむ), Mei (めい), Tamumei (たむめい)
  • Birthdate: October 30, 1998 (1998-10-30) (age 22)
  • Birthplace: Isesaki, Gunma, Japan
  • Bloodtype: O
  • Height: 159cm
  • Western Zodiac: Scorpio
  • Eastern Zodiac: Tiger
  • Hello! Project Status:
    • 2011-08-14: S/mileage Submember
    • 2011-08-14: Submember
    • 2011-10-16: S/mileage Full Member
    • 2011-10-16: Member
  • Years in ANGERME: 3 years
  • Official Kaomoji: メイ´‘ w‘)
  • S/mileage / ANGERME Color:
    • Green (2011-2014)
    • Purple (2014-Present)
  • Audition Song: "○○ Ganbaranakutemo Eenende!!" by S/mileage
  • Hello! Project groups:

  • Favorite Subject: Music, art
  • Favorite Animal: Loves all animals.
  • Favorite Color: Loves all colors
  • Favorite Food: Squid soumen, plum konbu, scallop strings.
  • Favorite English Phrase: "For you"
  • Hobby: Playing with her dog
  • Special Skill: Room arrangement, sports, doing hair.
  • Strong Point: Being energetic
  • Weak Point: Being rough and openhanded
  • Audition Song: ○○ Ganbaranakutemo Eenende!!
  • Looks up to: Niigaki Risa, Hagiwara Mai


See also: List:Tamura Meimi Discography Featured In

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  • [2012] Kaidan Shin Mimibukuro•Igyou (怪談新耳袋・異形) (as Misaki)

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  • [2011-2012] Hello Pro! TIME (ハロプロ!TIME)
  • [2012] S/mileage no Sono Joshiki Choto Mate Kudasai! (スマイレージのその常識チョトマテクダサイ!)
  • [2012-2013] Hello! SATOYAMA Life (ハロー! SATOYAMA ライフ)
  • [2014-] The Girls Live


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  • [2012] Mister Donut (ミスタードーナツの)

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  • [2013] Sekai Daikyouryuuten (世界大恐竜展) (as Tirara the Dinosaur Guide)




  • [2012–] SS1422


  • Prior to joining S/mileage, she was a part of an acting program called Musical Village, which her mother and sister inspired her to join.
  • Sato Masaki thinks Meimi is the coolest member of Hello! Project.
  • If she could join another group, she'd join °C-ute.
  • She'd like to take Wada Ayaka to see Wicked.
  • Her audition number was 13.
  • Shares a birthday with Morning Musume member Fukumura Mizuki and former Coconuts Musume member Kimura Ayaka.
  • She is good at imitating synchronized swimming and goldfish.
  • Wants to do a duet with Hagiwara Mai.
  • On her days off from work, she spends most of her time playing with her dog.
  • Tamura has stated; "I'm still a novice at singing and dancing but, I'm trying my very very best everyday to improve".
  • She said that in her previous life she thinks she was a sloth, because she likes to sleep alot.
  • She said if a thief came she'd feel that Tanaka Reina would come protect her.
  • She said if she could be another member, she said she would be Tsugunaga Momoko, because her overall personality is cute.
  • Describes her personality as loud.
  • Kept a dog she found in a cardboard box in January 2012.
  • In Team Okai she covers Ishida Ayumi.
  • She likes Chickadees.
  • She tends to her bangs because she doesn't want to keep on plucking her eyebrows.
  • She believes that Tsugunaga Momoko is the both most energetic and mellowest member of Hello! Project. She explains that Tsugunaga has the ability to go both ways like an on-off switch, in which she personally believes she has no control over.
  • During the S/mileage Live Tour 2013 ~Smile Charge~, she expressed her love for soy sauce and puts it on everything she eats, including salads and potatoes.
  • She has bad vision, but she is afraid to put in contacts.[6]
  • In Fukuda Kanon's final interview before her graduation, she had this to say about Tamura: "She really does a lot of research on herself. She likes theatre and the way she can use her singing voice so freely is really cool. She never gets embarrassed by anything, so she’s always able to adopt the feelings of the main character in any song. I’m her senior but I really look up to her."[7]
  • She and Nakanishi Kana were the first members of S/mileage that were not from Hello Pro Kenshuusei

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September 2011 – January 2012

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