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Takemura Miu (竹村未羽) is a Japanese pop singer as a former member of Hello Pro Kenshuusei under Hello! Project. She was introduced on May 4, 2014, at the Hello Pro Kenshuusei Happyoukai 2014 ~Haru no Koukai Jitsuryoku Shindan Test~ event and withdrew on March 24, 2016. Prior to joining Hello! Project, she was a member of the local idol group Mon Soleil 415 under the name Kanda Miu (神田みう).

After graduating from Hello Pro Kenshuusei, she joined the idol group Rizm☆Attention under Honey Yell Promotion at the end of 2018. On July 9, 2019, it was announced that she had graduated from the group.

From March 2020, to July 19, 2020, she was working as cast member at the Nagoya based café CCcafe&bar under the name Miu (みう).


Takemura Miu, 2019

Takemura Miu, 2017

Takemura Miu, February 2016

Takemura Miu, May 2015

Takemura Miu, March 2015

Takemura Miu, May 2014

Kanda Miu, May 2013

Early Life[]

Takemura Miu was born on April 28, 2001, in Gifu, Japan.


In 2012, she joined the idol group Mon Soleil 415 under the name Kanda Miu. On June 30, 2013, she participated in her last live as a member of Mon Soleil 415 and graduated from the group a day later on July 1, 2013.


On May 4, Takemura was officially introduced as a member of Hello Pro Kenshuusei at the Hello Pro Kenshuusei Happyoukai 2014 ~Haru no Koukai Jitsuryoku Shindan Test~ alongside Aikawa Maho and Saito Kana.

On June 11, an introduction video of Takemura was uploaded to the Hello Pro Kenshuusei YouTube channel.


From October 17 to November 28, Takemura participated in the ℃-ute Concert Tour 2015 Aki ~℃an't STOP!!~ as part of the opening act.


On March 24, it was announced that Takemura had ended her Hello Pro Kenshuusei training. In June, she began training with Legend Artist Promotion in hopes of becoming a singer.


On December 25, Takemura joined the indie idol group Rizm☆Attention which debuted on February 9.


On July 9, it was announced that Takemura, along with three other members, had graduated from Rizm☆Attention.


In March, Takemura started working at the Nagoya based café CCcafe&bar as a cast member under the name Miu.

On July 19, Takemura left the café.[1]

Personal Life[]

When Takemura joined Hello Pro Kenshuusei, she was a first middle school student.

Here is a list of nicknames that was used to refer to Takemura Miu:

  • Myuu (みゅー): Official nickname, given her since Hello Pro Kenshuusei.


  • Name: Takemura Miu (竹村未羽)
  • Nickname: Myuu (みゅー)
  • Birthdate: April 28, 2001 (2001-04-28) (age 21)
  • Birthplace: Gifu, Japan
  • Blood Type: O
  • Height: 158 cm (5 ft 2.2 in)?
  • Western Zodiac: Taurus.svg Taurus
  • Eastern Zodiac: Snake.png Snake
  • Hello! Project Status:
    • 2014-05-04: Member
    • 2016-03-24: Left
  • Rizm☆Attention Color:
    • Red Penlight.png Red
  • Hello! Project groups:
  • Other groups:
    • Mon Soleil 415 (2012–2013)
    • Rizm☆Attention (2018–2019)

  • Specialty: Snapping my fingers
  • Hobbies: Eating! Sleeping! Playing!
  • Motto: "Ashita wa Ashita no Kaze ga Fuku" (明日は明日の風が吹く; The winds of tomorrow will blow tomorrow)
  • Favorite Color: Black, Pink, Red
  • Favorite Sport: Basketball
  • Favorite Hello! Project song: Help me!!
  • Looks up to: Oda Sakura

  • Trivia[]


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