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Takagi Sayuki (高木紗友希) is a Japanese pop singer. She was formerly an idol under Hello! Project as a member and sub-leader of Juice=Juice. She is also a former member of the SATOYAMA & SATOUMI movement unit Triplet. She was first introduced as a member of Hello Pro Egg at 2009 Hello! Project Shinjin Kouen 11gatsu ~Yokohama FIRE!~ on November 23, 2009.

She left Juice=Juice and Hello! Project on February 12, 2021.[1] Soon after, she terminated her contract with UP-FRONT PROMOTION.[2]


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July 2011

Early Life[]

Takagi Sayuki was born on April 21, 1997 in Chiba, Japan.


In November, Sayuki joined Hello Pro Egg (now Hello Pro Kenshuusei). She was introduced as a new member at the 2009 Hello! Project Shinjin Kouen 11gatsu ~Yokohama FIRE!~ on November 23.


Takagi participated in the movie Gekijouban Hontou ni Atta Kowai Hanashi 3D, appearing in The Third Story, Dare ka Iru, alongside Sato Ayano.[3][4]


In the summer, she entered the S/mileage Shin Member Boshuu! audition, but failed.

Takagi starred in the stage play Reborn ~Inochi no Audition~ as Kounotori.


In June, Takagi entered the Morning Musume 11ki Member "Suppin Utahime" Audition, but failed.

Takagi participated in the ℃-ute Concert Tour 2012~2013 Fuyu ~Shinseinaru Pentagram~ as a back-up dancer.


On February 3, during the Hello! Project Tanjou 15 Shuunen Kinen Live 2013 Fuyu ~Bravo!~ concert in Fukuoka, it was announced that Takagi would debut in a new unit, Juice=Juice, alongside Miyamoto Karin, Kanazawa Tomoko, Miyazaki Yuka, Otsuka Aina and Uemura Akari.[5] Tsunku's commented on Takagi:

"Her singing is rock-type and her dancing is powerful; you'll get the feeling that she's 'the' Hello Pro Kenshuusei from her high skill level."[6]

On February 23, Takagi participated as a back-up dancer for Mano Erina's graduation concert.


On March 13, it was announced that Takagi would be a member of a newly formed SATOYAMA movement unit Triplet with Okai Chisato and Kudo Haruka.

On April 15, Takagi and Miyazaki Yuka celebrated their birthdays in a joint fanclub event titled Juice=Juice Miyazaki Yuka・Takagi Sayuki Birthday Event 2014, featuring two shows at TOKYO FM HALL.


On April 21, Takagi celebrated her 18th birthday at a fanclub event titled Juice=Juice Takagi Sayuki Birthday Event 2015, featuring two shows at TOKYO FM HALL.

On December 19, Takagi released her first solo e-Hello! Blu-ray, Greeting ~Takagi Sayuki~.


On April 28, Takagi celebrated her 19th birthday at a fanclub event titled Juice=Juice Takagi Sayuki Birthday Event 2016, featuring two shows at TOKYO FM Hall.

On November 9, two days after Juice=Juice's first concert at Nippon Budokan, Takagi wrote on her blog that during the concert her voice cracked a few times and she could not control her breathing properly which resulted in her not being able to sing high notes the way she wanted. She admitted that this was because of a vocal cord nodule she has had for quite some time, but because of the group's tour and other work there was no time for her to have surgery and rest afterwards. Takagi was able to finish the Budokan concert safely, and after thinking about it to herself and speaking with her family and the staff, she decided it was the best time for her to finally undergo removal surgery. She had just returned from the hospital and would not able to speak for a couple of days or sing for three weeks after the surgery.[7]

Takagi started singing again for the first time since her surgery at a release event and mini live on December 2.[8]


On April 21, Takagi celebrated her 20th brithday at a fanclub event titled Juice=Juice Takagi Sayuki Birthday Event 2017, featuring two shows at Shinjuku ReNY.


On April 21, Takagi celebrated her 21st brithday at a fanclub event titled Juice=Juice Takagi Sayuki Birthday Event 2018, featuring two shows at TFT Hall 1000.


On March 30, Takagi along with Yajima Maimi, Nakajima Saki, LoVendoЯ's Okada Marina, and Tsubaki Factory's Kishimoto Yumeno released the digital song "Koisuru! Sakana Hen" which was performed for the first time (however, without Takagi and Kishimoto) in the "Fishing Club" Special Stage event at Asobu. Kurasu. Sodateru. SATOYAMA & SATOUMI e Ikou 2019 on the same day.[9]

On April 19, she celebrated her 22nd birthday at a fanclub event titled Juice=Juice Takagi Sayuki Birthday Event 2019, featuring two shows at Yamano Hall.

On June 12, in episode #293 of Hello! Project Station, it was announced that Takagi would become the new sub-leader of Juice=Juice following Miyazaki Yuka's graduation on June 17.[10][11]

On June 13, she opened an official Instagram account.[12][13]

On August 9, she released her first solo photobook, titled Sayuki.[14]


On April 22, she was scheduled to celebrate her 23rd birthday at a fanclub event titled Juice=Juice Takagi Sayuki Birthday Event 2020, featuring two shows at Yamano Hall. However, it was cancelled in consideration of a new policy established by the government to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.[15] The event was eventually rescheduled for August 13.[16]


On February 11, the magazine Shuukan Bunshun reported that Takagi was in a relationship and living half-time with singer Yuuri.

On February 12, UP-FRONT PROMOTION announced that Takagi was terminated from both Juice=Juice and Hello! Project but she would remain signed under the agency, with her future activities being announced after discussions. It was also announced that she would be not appearing in future scheduled activities with the group from February 13.[1]

On March 31, UP-FRONT PROMOTION announced that Takagi had decided to terminate her contract with the agency after discussions. She wanted to pursue a musical theater career, and had decided from the start to leave the agency once she was no longer a member of Juice=Juice. As a result, UP-FRONT PROMOTION respected her decision to leave the agency.[2]

Personal Life[]

She has an older sister, named Mayuka,[17] and a younger sister. She mentioned her younger sister has the same age of Dambara Ruru and Yanagawa Nanami.

Mayuka gave birth to a son on May 24, 2016.[17]

When Takagi debuted as a member of Juice=Juice in February 2013, she was a third year middle school student. As of March 2016, she had graduated from high school.

The following list are notable friendships Takagi Sayuki has acquired:

Takagi's given name, Sayuki, means "(silk) gauze" (紗; sa), "friend" (友; yu) and "rare" (希). Her name was chosen because it has a good number of strokes.[18]

Here is a list of nicknames that was used to refer to Takagi Sayuki:

  • Sayubee (さゆべえ): Official nickname, given her since joining Hello Pro Egg. Used by members and fans.
  • Sayuking (さゆキング): Used by Takagi and Miyazaki Yuka.[19][20]
  • Baby Monkey (ベイビーモンキー): Miyazaki Yuka calls her "Baby Monkey".


  • Scared of: Earthquakes
  • Hobbies:  Karaoke, watching television
  • Specialty: Self-learning kung-fu, Mobile phone fast typing
  • Strong Point: My ability to concentrate in a short time is really good
  • Weak Point: Easily lose concentration
  • Best Sport: Swimming
  • Likes: going for walks, little kids
  • Favorite Subject: Japanese language
  • Least Favorite Subject: Math, english, gym
  • Favorite Animal: Dogs
  • Favorite Food: Avocado, melon, cheese, hamburger
  • Least Favorite Food: Kamaboko
  • Favorite Color: Light blue, Yellow
  • Favorite Restaurant: Subway
  • Favorite Disney Movies/Series: High School Musical, Hannah Montana
  • Favorite Disney Characters: Donald Duck, Tinkerbell, Peter Pan, Ursula, Ariel
  • Favorite Pokemon: Snorlax, Abra
  • Rival: Otsuka Aina, Miyamoto Karin
  • Favorite Hello! Project Song: "Shabondama" by Morning Musume
  • Looks Up To: Tanaka Reina, Kanazawa Tomoko, Fukumura Mizuki

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    Honorary Titles[]

    Honorary Titles

    Preceded by
    Nagasawa Wakana

    Oldest Member of Hello Pro Egg
    September 2011 - November 2011

    Succeeded by
    Yamaga Kanae

    Preceded by
    Yamaga Kanae

    Oldest Member of Hello Pro Kenshuusei
    August 2012 - December 2012

    Succeeded by
    Kanazawa Tomoko

    Preceded by
    Kanazawa Tomoko

    Sub-leader of Juice=Juice
    June 18, 2019 – February 12, 2021

    Succeeded by


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