Taiyou Musume to Umi
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Morning Musume, Heike Michiyo, and Yanagihara Hiromi Television Drama
Native title 太陽娘と海
Run Dates April 1998 - June 1998
Insert Songs Last Chance
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Taiyou Musume to Umi (太陽娘と海; Sun Daughters and the Ocean) is a Japanese drama starring the entire first generation of Morning Musume, Heike Michiyo, Yanagihara Hiromi, and Misato Tate. The drama aired from April to June 1998, and was later released on VHS in 2000.


Two amateur radio DJs find out they were in love with the same man.

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  • The music "Last Chance" by Okubo Nobutaka's band Something Else is used.
  • Yanagihara Hiromi would later be one of the founding members of Country Musume.

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