Album by Tsunku
Native title タイプ2
Released July 13, 2005
Genre J-Pop
Format CD
Recorded 2005
Label zetima zetima
Producer Tsunku
Tsunku Albums Chronology
Previous TAKE 1 2nd album (2004)
Next V3 ~Seishun Cover~ 4th album (2006)

TYPE2 (タイプ2) is Tsunku's 3rd solo album. It was released on July 13, 2005 and reached position #33 on the Oricon charts.


  1. FOREVER ~Anata ni Aitai~ (FOREVER~あなたに会いたい~; FOREVER ~I Want to Meet You~)
  2. Love Epilogue (愛エピローグ)
  3. Memory Seishun no Hikari
  4. Anata ni (あなたに; For You)
  6. Osaka Koi no Uta
  7. Sayonara no Mukougawa (さよならの向う側; The Other Side of a Goodbye)
  8. YOUR SONG ~Seishun Sensei~
  9. Shining on Kimi ga Kanashii (シャイニン・オン君が哀しい; Shining on You Are Sad)
  10. Ofukuru no Komori Uta (おふくろの子守歌; Child's Lullaby)
  11. O・ya・su・mi (お・や・す・み; Good・Night)

Concert PerformancesEdit

FOREVER ~Anata ni Aitai~


  • Canary Club's Ayubee and Macchan sang a cover of "FOREVER ~Anata ni Aitai~" for the group's first album ① Kanari Canary.
  • "Sayonara no Mukougawa" was a single originally released by Yamaguchi Momoe in 1980. Tsunku also covers the song in the 2004 "Yamaguchi Momoe Tribute Thank You For..." tribute album.
  • "Shining on Kimi ga Kanashii" was a single originally released by LOOK in 1985.
  • "Ofukuru no Komori Uta" was a single originally released by enka artist Itsuki Hiroshi in 2001, produced by Tsunku.

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