TANPOPO 1 is the first album by Tanpopo. It was released on March 31, 1999. The album peaked at #10 on the Oricon charts and sold 88,680 copies.

Twenty years after its original release, in March 2019, the album was released on vinyl by TOWER RECORDS. It was pre-sold at the store opening of TOWER VINYL SHINJUKU on March 21, 2019, and was released at all TOWER RECORDS locations and TOWER RECORDS ONLINE on April 1, 2019.[1][2]



  1. Last Kiss (single version) (ラストキッス)
  2. Wakattenai Janai (わかってないじゃない; You Don't Get It, Do You) - Ishiguro Aya
  3. Sentimental Minamimuki (センチメンタル南向き; Sentimental Southwards) - Yaguchi Mari
  4. Motto (album mix)
  5. Tanjoubi no Asa (誕生日の朝; Birthday Morning)
  6. Kataomoi (片想い; Unrequited Love) - Iida Kaori
  8. Tanpopo (たんぽぽ; Dandelion)
  9. Suki (スキ; I Love You)
  10. Last Kiss (album version)


  • A1 Last Kiss (single version)
  • A2 Wakattenai ja nai - Ishiguro Aya
  • A3 Sentimental Minamimuki - Yaguchi Mari
  • B1 Motto (album mix)
  • B2 Tanjoubi no Asa
  • C1 Kataomoi - Iida Kaori
  • D1 Tanpopo
  • D2 Suki
  • D3 Last Kiss (album version)

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Album InformationEdit

All Lyrics and Composition: Tsunku
All Chorus: Tanpopo

  1. Last Kiss
  2. Wakattenai ja nai
  3. Sentimental Minamimuki
  4. Motto (album mix)
  5. Tanjoubi no Asa
    • Arrangement, Keyboards, and Programming: Konishi Takao
    • Guitar: Masuzaki Takashi
    • Manipulator: Katsuura Go
    • Strings: Beijing Philharmonic Orchestra (北京愛楽楽団)
  6. Kataomoi
  8. Tanpopo
    • Arrangement, Keyboards, and Programming: Konishi Takao
    • Guitar: Masuzaki Takashi
    • Manipulator: Katsuura Go
    • Strings: Beijing Philharmonic Orchestra
  9. Suki
  10. Last Kiss (album version)
    • Strings: Beijing Philharmonic Orchestra

Oricon Chart PositionsEdit

MonTueWedThuFriSatSunWeek RankSales
- - - - - - - 10 xxxxx
- - - - - - - - xxxx
- - - - - - - - xxx

Total reported sales: 88,680*


  • First press: a postcard for applying for a present (a Tanpopo trading card holder).
  • Track #8, "Tanpopo", would be released as a re-cut single a few months after the album’s release.
  • On Utaban, Abe Natsumi was "confronted" about the album. She had told Ishiguro and Iida she had listened to it, but turns out she hadn’t.


Tsunku commented on the album's release:

Tanpopo was created from 3 members out of 8 members of Morning Musume.

Back when we recorded their debut song, “Last Kiss”, Yaguchi wasn’t used to recording session yet, and Iida and Ishiguro were both unaware of their potentials. Around the same time as the 2nd single, “Motto”, I began creating this album during my frantic schedule (which is a little understatement, if I may confess), so we had to squeeze in the recording sessions in between my available time. The three members did a very good job accommodating their schedules for me. This time, we focused on the chorus part. It must have been difficult to sing along the unfamiliar melody. In the end, the result was satisfactory, with lots of sexiness into it.

Ishiguro’s solo song, “Wakattenai janai”, has a rich jazz sound with a powerful vocal track. Iida’s solo song, “Kataomoi” has a UK Rock-ish hard beats and a sexy vocal, which creates a distinct world of her own. Yaguchi’s solo, “Sentimental Minamimuki” has 70s Motown arrangement with a soulful funky sound.

Tanpopo’s goal is “to become a group which is loved by a wide range of audience”. I think the album is well suited for this goal.


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